05 December 2015

Some block finishes & more...

Hi everyone, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.. I have been stitching here non stop for weeks, so here are a couple of finishes (blocks that is), not quilts...
I have had this block all fused down and then it sat for years? yes, years, so was on a mission to complete this block and now move on to the next...
Finished this 1st block and now on the block 2:
will be working on snowman block this weekend, hopefully will finish... then, I am a slow snail when it comes to these blocks but I do like how they are turning out:
there is a group of ladies that are much farther than I, but this is what I have so far, 2 more are prepped and waiting to be stitched down. And lastly, my Eagle quilt, am getting the stars ready for stitching, have two stitched so far:
Well, that is it for now. On another note, please keep my 92 yr old Mom in your prayers, she fell 2 weeks ago and has fractured her tail bone, so she is mending but very very slowly. Also, my sister, Nancy is having spinal surgery next month if her bones are strong enough, this will be her 3rd spinal fusion, so I really need your prayers, Thank you and Many many hugs, Mary

09 November 2015

Red Hats for February, 2016 American Heart Association

Please help, if you are in Illinois here is the info below: Volunteers for the American Heart Association are celebrating American Heart Month by knitting red hats for all babies born in February at participating hospitals. We’re raising awareness of heart disease, the number one killer of Americans, and congenital heart defects, the most common type of birth defect in the country. We need your help! If you knit or crochet and would like to participate in the Little Hats, Big HeartsTM project, please let us know. We gratefully accept both baby hats and donations of yarn. Deadline: Hats will be accepted from August 1, 2015 until December 31, 2015. Please mail them to: Anne Schullo American Heart Association 208 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 1500 Chicago, IL 60604 Yarn donations can be sent to the same address. If you have any questions, please contact Anne Schullo at (312) 476-6614 or Anne.Schullo@heart.org.
Hugs, Mary

03 November 2015

Newest little project...

Hi here is my newest little project, it measuers 23x37, #308 Snowy Days by Heart to Hand. I purchased it through the Quilted Crow, Not stitched down yet, but though I would share 1st block:
All done in Wool, love snowmen, so this one was right up my alley, so to speak, Hugs, Mary

19 October 2015

My slow stitchin Sunday...

Hi all! Well, I worked on this block all day yesterday (Sunday) and didn't finish to late in evening so didn't have time to post on Slow Stitchin Sunday, but here is my latest on Quilt Like An Eagle quilt I am making. This block is my favorite because of the house...
Now to make the stars in between...so it is still a work in progress but wanted to share, Hugs, Mary

14 October 2015

New Impressions - Block 2

Hi - well, I finished block 2 of New Impressions, this block was very difficult for me, had to rip out leaves and two berries are really not correctly positioned, but my little bird is catching a berry as it falls of branch - I think???!?!?
I did think of enlarging (like you said Karen) but I think I will keep them the size they are supposed to be - this one is going to take me longer than most though, I can just feel it. Well, hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, Hugs, Mary

13 October 2015

When the Cold Wind Blows and more

Hi Blogging Family, Well, first I want to thank all the ladies that have posted on how to change your profile email from "no comment blogger", it really helped me change mine! I guess when I added Google+ it messed up my settings, so thank you thank you to all the ladies that have walked me through step by step! I have been hand sewing at night...here is the newest installment on my blocks:
I finished up the second block, fixed a couple of mistakes on it, then on to the next block, everything is measured, cut out and now to baste. That is project one. I also am playing catch up with my blocks from "New Impressions" - The Women, I am still stitching away on block two. I don't know if I really like these blocks as they are very small and time consuming for me. Others are whipping through them, but for Me it is taking me a long time, and I did have to seam rip some of the leaves on block two because they were not where they were supposed to be...pics to follow when I finally finish block two. Project three is SBOW I am doing from primitive gatherings- don't even get me started on that one, very very small wool pieces that I am having a very difficult time with, very time consuming - I think I actually might sell this whole pattern on wool on ebay, any takers. I just don't have the patience anymore! Project Four - Christmas Wallhangings as gifts - yes I am trying to make a few - can't share just yet and finally, our oldest Daughter Kate, ran and finished the Chicago Marathon Sunday. She ran to raise money for Crones Disease which my Son, her brother was born with, so congrats Kate she raised $1,650.00 YEAH! So Proud of her, and all my kids,
I am so blessed! Well, August, September and October have been a blur around here, but trying to slow down and breathe Lots of Hugs, Mary

06 October 2015

Comments please

Please leave comment if you read my blog. I really love to hear your thoughts and your words really lift me up and motivate me...thank you, Hugs, Mary

04 October 2015

Hi all...

Hi blog! I read a really great post from "Kathy" (forgive me I don't remember blog name, but she talked about keeping up with all our many to do projects and how overwhelmed she felt and I agree or at least as they say "I feel you". I have been feeling that way for some time now. There are just so many projects I am doing or started... Too many to count...too many tabs open in my mind...that I have let some of them really fall to the back... Some have not even gotten to!!! Augh!!! Sigh sigh...sorry I am rambling...but Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and really wanted some fall wall hangings that I never got to so....I bought yes bought 2 on etsy. And want to share w you: the first is by "Karen Hahn of HorseAndBuggyCountry"...beautifully stitched wool applique...well worth the price
. Then I bought this beautiful pumpkin wall hanging from "Lori Rippey of homespunptimsbylori". Gorgeous pumpkin now hanging in my kitchen
. So as u can see at least I am supporting the economy and supporting 2 very talented ladies that have designed these two beauties and then handmade them! I have been slow stitching 4 other projects and cutting fabric for a 5th project which u will fill u in a little later on about but thank you Lori and Karen for making my home look inviting for Fall ..Happy Oct everyone Many hugs, Mary

17 September 2015

Thursday Mutterings....

Hi everyone, I have not been blogging because I am trying to finish up 5 different project, yes that is 5 and the blocks I am trying to finish will move me onto to 5 other blocks and so on and so on....so I am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I read so many blogs and am awed at the finishes u are achieving! Well, this is one of the projects that I have a little more hand stitching to do, the basket and lower stem and lower flower, then on to block 3! Keep stitching, (hopefully faster than me!!) Mary

21 August 2015

Finishing Friday

Just a couple of things: 1. I finished the Baby Quilt for my girlfriend's daughter. It will be shipped out tomorrow, she is due September 5th, so just made it, Whew!! I am doing a happy dance over here, so here it is:
I actually packed this quilt on vacation in July, and started quilting it then, but just put the binding on last night. I like how it turned out I only hope she does as well... Seriously, I have about 4 other projects going on right now, so every night is spent hand stitching one of them, I thank God for my eyesight and my hands. It's weird but that is what I think of when I am handstitching, how sad it would be if I didn't have either, so am very Thankful!! Also, I have two new friends who have made a home in my gutter right outside of my kitchen window, I had to take a pic for you:
I have watched the mother make here nest in June and have been very careful not to disturb - it is amazing to watch the beauty of nature right outside your window I am thankful for that too! Well, I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and I am praying for all those affected by those wild fires in the northwest, Lots of Hugs, Mary

04 August 2015



The Women

Hi everyone, Here is my first block of New Impressions, I am making this quilt like the back cover although I picked a subtle red/white background and am going to use more blues in my quilt: Here is my first block so far:
Karen from Log Cabin Quilting is also making this quilt so check out her blog as well, Lots of Hugs, Mary

28 July 2015

I'm back!!

Hi quilting buddies...I've spent two weeks at the outer banks...not much sewing done....I was rather lazy...oh I had such great plans but, well, just sat by ocean and soaked up the beautiful salt air🌻 More pics to follow but I did catch up on my blog viewing of all your wonderful beautiful work.. Now to get back in the swing of things Lots of sunny restful hugs, Mary

10 July 2015


Hi all, I will be on vacation for the next two weeks, hope to do a lot of stitchin by the seashore!! Stay well and see you when I get back! Hugs, Mary

03 July 2015

MY NEEDLE AND THREAD BY MARY: Table Runner prepped

MY NEEDLE AND THREAD BY MARY: Table Runner prepped

Table Runner prepped

One more project, yes a table runner, all cutout and prepped for applique - its made of all wool so am going to start buttonhole stitch on it ... Happy 4th everyone!
Hugs, Mary

02 July 2015

4th block of ole glory ...

Hi everyone, Here is the 4th block of my Ole Glory quilt:
Half is appliqued on the other two vines and leaves need to be basted still...I think I am going to take this one on vacation with me along with a couple of other projects
Happy Thursday everyone, off to work to do payroll for Hubby, Hugs, Mary

29 June 2015

Another rainy Monday

Good morning everyone, well today is another rainy Monday. I don't know about you but I have had it with the rain! I know the west needs the rain but here in Illinois we are totally saturated. This is summer...? You wait all winter long for sun and heat and know I feel like we are living in the rainforest somewhere. We have an inground sprinkler system and we have not even turned on (bright side saving money) but I just want the sun😓 Well, on a brighter note, the baby quilt is in the hoop..worked on that sat and Sunday...prepped more blocks for a quilt I am making..more news on that in August...prepped more a table runner I am making and almost finished with the second block of "when the cold wind blows" pattern...I will post some pics this afternoon as I am using hubby's iPad. I hope your sun is out as I look out my kitchen window into my rainforest. All I need to see now are some monkeys swinging through the trees?!☔️🐒 Hugs Mary

25 June 2015



Baby Quilt Top Done

Hi everyone, Well, I did fix my machine - and you know what all the google searches say, 99% of the time it is Not your tension...Well, in my case, it Was The Tension! So after playing around with it I did finally fix it, Thank God!! Point being, check your Tension on machine first before bringing it in for repair. Anyway, after getting all my rows sewed, I knew I wasn't quite finished with this Baby Quilt yet, atleast not my version, so here is the completed top:
Yep, that is hubby holding it up for me! So now to be quilted!!! I want to get this done and in the mail by mid July, as I am going to be on vacation and baby is due in September, so what do you think?? Happy Thursday, Lots of Rain here in IL. Hugs, Mary

23 June 2015

Baby Quilt and Part 4 of my Ole Glory

Well, today seemed like a perfect day to complete the baby quilt top, until my sewing machine started sewing funky on me...UGG!! Was just adding the last row and the tension went crazy on me! Did some maintenance on it, seemed fixed and it happened again! The bobbin tread is coming up through the top! What is this???? So will have to bring in to Quilt Store where I bought it so many years ago...its a Pfaff and I love it, feel sad now that it is broken! Here are some pics of what I did get done..
Don't look at my sewing room because it is a mess! also, am still working on my Ole Glory Quilt, am on block 4 here is what I have done so far:
I work on this at night while tv is on... Well, Happy Tuesday, bad storms in IL last night, a couple of tornado's but the heat is returning. I love the heat, Love Summer!!
This is my daughter Kate and her hubby Chris, by the pool on her birthday! Happy Tues everyone, Hugs, Mary