30 March 2015

Auditioning....do you do this?????

I have been 2 days auditioning fabrics for this "other project" I am doing....and finally decided on this green - however, as is always my case I purchased this particular green fabric in 2007? So, now I need 3 3/4 yards of it and I have about 3/4 of one yard - typical right? So will start to try and duplicate the color at my quilt store. For some odd reason, I have a ton of reds and blues and creams but green, I don't have a lot of.
This is a really old pattern that has been on my to do list, so am going to give it a try., Also, have been working on my Eagle Quilt...oh the lessons I am relearning here - Eagles are not easy to Hand Applique!!! Those beaks and wings - OH MY!! Got better with the second eagle, the third is a still a work in progress..I think the second one looks like an "Angry Bird" but it's an Eagle??? I also gave them each an eye... they needed some personality right??
Then the Cold Wind Blows Block 2 is slowly coming around, have this much appliqued down, however have to fix that flower - see...
See these blocks are HUGH, and am used to Bigger pieces to applique - a Lot Easier (in my humble opinion). If you look at the flower - There is not supposed to be a space there but there is, so some ripping tonight on that one...How was your weekend sewing projects coming along??? Hugs, Mary