27 February 2015

Summer Weekend by Blackbird Designs

Can anyone help me find the Book, "Summer Weekend" by Blackbird Designs? I have searched everywhere on line and can not find a copy of that book? I even tried Amazon. Any ideas where I can order that book I believe it is from 2001? Thanks Mary

25 February 2015

Quilt Like an Eagle

Here is my first attempt at my Eagle Quilt...see my sidebar "Quilt Like An Eagle"...anyway, I had my Eagle cut out and flying no where, just under stars until I put him on a sunflower branch - I don't know if that is patriotic, but I love sunflowers, so...this is what I came up with. It has to be centered on 16" block still and not basted down yet, but what do you think? He is a little quirky on sunflowers, I know, but I think it looks good , what do you think?
The sunflower branch was taken from a book called "Serendipity" by Ginger Cookie Company...Hope all are keeping warm and dry, Freezin here in ILlinois, Hugs, Mary

22 February 2015


Dangerous, right, Thinking??? In two weeks my middle child, well 25 yr old Son, is moving out. Bought a condo about maybe 45 min drive from us, but he is making the big move and well, I am a big blob of emotions. I am happy for Him, Proud of Him, but my heart is breaking that he is moving out. I won't have those funny crazy moments with him, where he is always darting behind doors trying to scare the living daylight out of me, I will miss those, I will probably even miss his laundry - yes, I did say that, Crazy right?? So crazy...I am just a big ball of emotions over here. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday...very cold here in Illinois, more below 0 temps., wish my ancestors kept on going south instead of stopping here in Illinois! Well, here is a picture of my other boy, Cooper, he is 8 now! Remember when he was a puppy? He is a big boy now -
He is saying "Hey to all of you that follow my blog" ....no one comments but a few, so I hope there are people reading my blog posts?? Can't believe I have been on since 2008 - time flies as they say... Mary

20 February 2015

Another topic

Hi, I am posting this because it is very very cold here in Chgo...and there are nuns in a very old church in Chicago, IL., whose 2 boilers have broken in their church...the current temperature they are enduring in their church is 29 degrees, therefore I am posting a link if you can help out to help. This church is a food pantry for many of the poor in Chicago, so any help would be great. They give so much of themselves, and now they need help. Have a Great Friday everyone, Hugs, Mary :) http://www.gofundme.com/NotreDameChicago

17 February 2015

Some Good Reads...

Hi, in between quilting I love to read: here are some great books! Natchez Burning by Greg Iles The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd The Pieces we Keep by Kristina McMorris and The Time Between by Karen White - they were all great!
Going to work on this today! Yeah!! Snowy Hugs to all, Mary

11 February 2015


Hey everyone! It's Wednesday and have been working tirelessly on my block 2 of the When the Winter Blows....also am trying to enlarge a pattern for my eagle quilt - pic on sidebar. While working on my blocks, monday night I watched "The Bachelor"...I couldn't find anything else on, so I put it on. Wow, I was actually screaming at the TV, thank God no one else was home. What is our Society coming too? That show in my opinion is soooo demeaning to women, and yet I watched it! :( What happened to meeting people the natural way? I don't have any answers I just think ABC or NBC could find some other programs to fill that time slot. What do you watch while hand sewing??? I would love to know.... Mary

03 February 2015

Tuesday perspective....

Hi, I am laughing at myself, I couldn't think of a title, Tuesday perspective??? oh well, it's Tuesday, over the weekend we were dumped with 21 inches of snow....a blizzard....another one.....oh, it was so pretty coming down on Super Bowl Sunday, but ofcourse, then you have to start digging out on Monday! Not fun! And, I have a herniated disc in my back, sooo not much help for the hubby and son, but Thank God, I have them... I worked on the 2nd block of the Blackbird Design, When the Cold Wind Blows, well, the name fit - funny how that works, right? Now, the weather is below zero and the wind is blowing ;)! Hope where ever you live, you have better weather conditions! I keep thinking of the summer and the ocean, it makes me smile, what can I say. Getting back to the Super Bowl, What a Game! I don't really care for football, but that was a really great game! And, the commercials, of course, I loved the yellow lab puppy and horse commercial The Best! They were all pretty good actually, except one re a little child and insurance - I really in my opinion thought that was a questionable and then Kim K - her commercial, well, it's Kim K, I guess - whatever that means?? Did you have any favorite ones? Well, Happy Tuesday everyone, Lots of Warm Hugs, Mary