20 December 2009

Cooper...the life of a dog....

Haven't done any sewing lately, instead this is what I am up to:

Taking pictures of Cooper...

On Friday Night, Cooper and I were alone (everyone was at the Blackhawk Game - hockey), so I was busy in our family room putting gifts in boxes, when I noticed he was very, very quiet, so I went into the kitchen and this is what I found..his favorite toy, "teddy bear" was in his mouth and he was "gutting it". Cooper loves, loves, loves to take toys apart - I think it is his breed! But "teddy" was hanging out of his mouth and I thought it was tooo cute, so I grabbed my camera. I really do not walk around with my camera on me, but it was in the other room, so just grabbed it.

Earlier that day when I got up to see youngest off to school, this is Cooper playing "dead dog"...how could one lay and be comfortable - I have no idea, but he loves to lay with his stomach up against my counter. Maybe Cooper has some issues - do Dogs have Issues??? People do so maybe Dogs do to...well, this is what has been happening in my life - Exciting isn't it?? Sometimes I just can't seem to contain all the excitement that happens to me in one day!!!!