29 June 2015

Another rainy Monday

Good morning everyone, well today is another rainy Monday. I don't know about you but I have had it with the rain! I know the west needs the rain but here in Illinois we are totally saturated. This is summer...? You wait all winter long for sun and heat and know I feel like we are living in the rainforest somewhere. We have an inground sprinkler system and we have not even turned on (bright side saving money) but I just want the sun😓 Well, on a brighter note, the baby quilt is in the hoop..worked on that sat and Sunday...prepped more blocks for a quilt I am making..more news on that in August...prepped more a table runner I am making and almost finished with the second block of "when the cold wind blows" pattern...I will post some pics this afternoon as I am using hubby's iPad. I hope your sun is out as I look out my kitchen window into my rainforest. All I need to see now are some monkeys swinging through the trees?!☔️🐒 Hugs Mary