13 October 2015

When the Cold Wind Blows and more

Hi Blogging Family, Well, first I want to thank all the ladies that have posted on how to change your profile email from "no comment blogger", it really helped me change mine! I guess when I added Google+ it messed up my settings, so thank you thank you to all the ladies that have walked me through step by step! I have been hand sewing at night...here is the newest installment on my blocks:
I finished up the second block, fixed a couple of mistakes on it, then on to the next block, everything is measured, cut out and now to baste. That is project one. I also am playing catch up with my blocks from "New Impressions" - The Women, I am still stitching away on block two. I don't know if I really like these blocks as they are very small and time consuming for me. Others are whipping through them, but for Me it is taking me a long time, and I did have to seam rip some of the leaves on block two because they were not where they were supposed to be...pics to follow when I finally finish block two. Project three is SBOW I am doing from primitive gatherings- don't even get me started on that one, very very small wool pieces that I am having a very difficult time with, very time consuming - I think I actually might sell this whole pattern on wool on ebay, any takers. I just don't have the patience anymore! Project Four - Christmas Wallhangings as gifts - yes I am trying to make a few - can't share just yet and finally, our oldest Daughter Kate, ran and finished the Chicago Marathon Sunday. She ran to raise money for Crones Disease which my Son, her brother was born with, so congrats Kate she raised $1,650.00 YEAH! So Proud of her, and all my kids,
I am so blessed! Well, August, September and October have been a blur around here, but trying to slow down and breathe Lots of Hugs, Mary