26 December 2012

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas...

Just a few photos from Christmas at my house....

Hope your Holiday was Beautiful....and with family....I hope all of you have a Blessed and Healthy and Happy New Year,
Peace and Love,


24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

22 December 2012

Twas the Sat before Christmas...

Hello Everybody,

Well,today is the last weekend before Christmas....all the presents have been bought, wrapped about 1/3 so far, grocery  shopping today for cookie ingredients and Ham for Christmas, although I do have the pies (bought them from Wisc., a placed called "The Elegant Farmer" you can google it, oh my gosh they have the Best Apple Pies cooked right in a Bag and they  will ship to your door).   You can see where my priority is....Must have the Pies!!!

The days are just flying, time is flying and just wanted to tell all of you that follow my blog, I hope each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year filled with Health and Hope and Peace....hold your family close, appreciate one another, for in a blink of an eye our lives can change -

May God Bless You All,,


20 December 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it.....

Finishing Mr. Skinny Snowman:

Add a heart to Mr. Skinny :)



17 December 2012


Does anyone know where to purchase a pattern named Eastwood Village??  I believe it was a BOM in Australia???  Can't find where to buy this pattern,  Thanks and Hugs,

Mary :)

16 December 2012

Some Stitchin Done...

Hello everyone!

Finished ALL Christmas Shopping early, so have been trying to catch up on some of my stitchin projects, here is an update,

Added eyes and buttons onto Skinny Snowman (also check out the bird on his had....found that in my button box, had to add :)) Although the camera makes his eyes look weird :(

And, this wallhanging that I just Love, Love Love to stitch at night, all the leaves are done, one stem and now working on flower...

Hope everyone is having a Peaceful Sunday,



P.S.   Also, changed my header - am trying to get in the Christmas Spirit around here...changed some pics on my sidebar too, just updating....life around here is always changing.....

15 December 2012


Some of you already know, but my oldest, Kate is engaged to her best friend, Chris, and their photographer just posted on his blog some pictures for their engagement....http://bit.ly/Ru7haz,  I hope this works, Kate & Chris are on there. 

When I started typing this it was Friday afternoon, and then I put the television on.....may God Bless and Be with all those families that are grieving.  What a Tragedy!!  I can't even imagine....those families my heart is just breaking for them,

All my hugs and prayers to them all,


09 December 2012

All because of one little girl and her coin....

Isn't this Beautiful!  Had to share, Reminded me of the little drummer boy, wach the elderly lady and the kids, music brought them together because of the kindless of one little girl and her coin and smile...so beautiful , be kind to one another!!!  Beautiful things can happen

Feel free to  copy,  Many Hugs, Mary

08 December 2012

Stitchin with my Friday Friends..

Hello All,

Here is what I worked on Fridday Night.....I saw this pattern in the Primitive Quilts Winter issue, so I thought I would give it a try since I absolutely love, love Snowmen....The muslin I picked was kind of different...I have had it in my stash for a very long time it is strips of muslin sewn together, that was the material, so I purchased it about 4 years ago because I loved the dimension, not knowing what I would use it for, well,.....I used it for my snowman and it turned out really cute (so far)

Here is a close up of the muslin fabric....I still have to put eyes and sew on scarf, and add buttons...but it was fun sewing all night, this is a  really easy pattern by the way....
Well, thank you ladies for letting me sew along,

Hope everyone has a blessed and safe weekend,

Many Hugs,


07 December 2012

Just joined this group.....am going to post tomorrow what I got done....so exciting!!!  It's their last Fri meeing for 2012 but will start up again in 2013.... Yeah!!
  Hugs, Mary

05 December 2012

Its Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday...

Hello everyone,

Yes, I think I have officially lost it.....picked up Christmas Cards I made of Cooper, my yellow lab male...my baby....yes, he is my baby.  He goes to work everyday with Hubby and I work for Hubby part-time, so he is always by one of our sides....He loves when we go to the Bank to make deposits from work because there he is greeted by the tellers with Bones - his fav!!! :)  Soo at halloween, I made cards and gave the Bank and the Mailman and coworkers one from Cooper, sooooooooooo I just had to make ones for Christmas..... want a peek?
 I put reindeer ears on him, he looked soooo cute!!!  Was a  little upset with me, though, did not like them at all, but he endured...Such a good boy!!

Alright, I will stop about my puppy dog but he is a cutie,

Happy Wednesday everyone,

Lots of Hugs,