29 September 2014

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!! :) Well, I took some pics of the quilts I am working on and Still working on: And, am going to start my Eagle Quilt, I am thinking about this pattern from 2001 Piece O Cake Design, called Land of the Free, I am trying to download pic.... but am still playing with it.... and, I have found fabrics from stash for this lovely project: This pattern calls for black setting for stars but I am going to use the blues instead... Yummy, right! Well, I am getting back to my sewing since all vacations over, everyone back to school and work, so here I go again!!! Had to slip one in from OBX, N.C. Hugs to you all, Mary

25 September 2014

I'm back.....?????!!!

Hello Blogger Friends, Yes, it is true, vacations are over.....and I am back at STILL hand appliqueing the header quilt above....still...I know I am back! Yeah!! I will have pictures later to post, also I joined the Eagle Quilt - see sidebar, so will be starting that one as well. I am also working on another project called "How does your Garden Grow" so will post pics when I get home from work. So see I have not just been vacationing all summer...And on a side note, my Mom is doing much much better! Miss you all :) Hugs, Mary