09 December 2010

I'ts beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Hello Fellow Bloggers,
Have been busy Christmasing around here....have been decorating almost every room in my house it seems. Now that I am working down at my husband's business, when I get some free time which is rare...I try to squeeze in some time to decorate for Christmas. Here is what I have done lately....what do your decorations look like??? I think I have gone a little over board with the "snowman" theme, but I LOVE SNOWMEN!!! I don't know what it is, but just love their overstuffed bodies and quirky smiles!
I am also finishing up "Angie's Quilt" in hopes it will be done for Christmas for her!
Hope all is well with all of you,
Lots of Hugs,

05 December 2010

Cooper has some new toys!!

Hi Everyone,

Some new pics of Cooper!! Been busy working, little sewing getting done over here, how are all of you??

15 November 2010

Pillowcase for Emily

Hi Bloggers,
For a long time Emily, my youngest picked out this fabric and wanted me to make pillowcases, soooo today since I did not have to work for hubby (yeah!!) I "finally" got to make one pillowcase - it really turned out cute. Now I am going to make smaller ones too that match. But this is what I produced this afternoon.... I especially like the ruffle - couldn't find a pattern, so I kinda winged it! How do you think it turned out??
Happy Monday Sewing Machine

12 November 2010

TGIF!! Have been working with hubby and am soooo glad it is Friday!

Business Woman Hope everyone has a great weekend, maybe I can get some sewing in...



31 October 2010


Trick O' Treater Flying Witch Black Bats Halloween Scarecrow Trick O' Treater Trick O' Treater Halloween Trick or Treat Spider Shadow HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!


HUBBY, DAVE HAS A NEW ADDRESS AND IS SOLE OWNER OF AR-BE GARAGE DOORS, INC. His father, Robert Burns, opened this business in 1947, when he retired back in the 70-80's, he gave the business to his three sons, now DAVE is sole-owner of his father's business that he started in 1947!! Happy and proud day for Dave! Congratulations to the hardest working man I know, Dave!!! Finally he has his own office and is his OWN Boss!! He has worked for so many years being shoved in a corner, or wherever they could make room for him, well, now with the help of sooooo many workers, he is on his own with a beautiful new office, new desk and a place to call his own! Yeah Dave!!

24 October 2010


A very good friend of Kate's got married last night. Kate was one of the bridesmaids...here are some pics

16 October 2010

Emily went to Homecoming!!!

Yep, this is the Baby!! Homecoming MAA 2010!!