29 May 2013

Some pics for you all

As you may know we are HUGH Blackhawk Fans, my young adults and hubby sooooo here are the latest in pics from last weekend:

That's Dave and the girls, Kate & Emily, Kate & her fiancé Chris sitting in their favorite seats, and Mike and Laura!

Go Hawks!!  (oh I hope they win tonight against the Detroit Redwings)
Hugs and Prayers


23 May 2013

Sorry have been missing in action :(

Hello fellow Friends,

Oh I know I have been a bad blogger, have been so busy with...well, life, I guess....My son has been sick, we were out of town for a week, trying to find housing for the youngest at college, planning a wedding shower....oldest is getting married, so now the showers begin this summer....my 89 yr old Mom has been ailing, Well, you get the picture, life has become so complicated and busy and I am totally frazilled (sp?)

Hope all of you are well, and I still visiting my regular blogs and hand sewing whenever I get a minute,

Miss all of you,


Mary :)