13 November 2011

Oh he makes me laugh!!

So I was doing the Laundry and along comes my "helper" Cooper....well, he isn't really a helper he is more of a "give that back to me" kind of a helper...but he is my faithful companion....and he does make me Laugh... so this is what Cooper was up to this afternoon....in the third picture, well, he is just really showing off and as you can see, for some wierd reason, Cooper loves Mop Heads!!!  Silly Dog!!!

Another picture!

SQS1 Swap

A Little Peak....

This is what I have been working on this afternoon - now I have started to quilt it!  It started out as a flower, then I thought it need the little bird...then some borders...

Now for the quilting, that will be done tonight!

Happy Sunday Quilting....


Happy, Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!  Mid 60's today although the wind is like 40 miles an hour right now :(!!

So...what am I going to do today, light cleaning of house and then SEW!!!!!!!!!!

More to see later on today.... Oh the anticipation......(ok I am humoring myself here, I don't really believe anyone is reading this and anxiously awaiting what I am going to do...but it is nice to dream!!)

So will be back later.....

Have a Safe and Happy Sunday - fooling around with colors here!!! 

Bye for now,

Mary   Leaf Pile