20 April 2012


Hello everyone, Happy Friday, Doing the Friday Dance  :::::)))))  Well, even though this is a Quilting Blog had to just share some photos of ......."Cooper", Yes, it has been awhile and my handsome 4 yr old Doggie got a haircut today and shampoo and his nails clipped, so just am showing off here with some pictures....well, in this one he is sticking his tongue out at me, but what a guy....


Here is Cooper's Domain, yes he even has two pillows with his name embroidered on them!  What a life.....

And, he is showing you all how he can give you his paw.....awwhh, isn't that cute, ofcourse, you can't see the milk bone I am holding.....but what's a pribe anyway...

Well, I just had to, I know I take toooo many pictures of Cooper but he is such a good boy!  Hope everyone has a Beautiful Weekend, here in Chicago, it is in the 50's, rainy and time for me to go to bed, so bye for now...


Mary & Cooper  :)

19 April 2012

My Daughter, Kate is Engaged!

Hi everyone,

Check out this website by my daughter, Kate:


Tells the whole story of Kate & Chris, really cute! 



17 April 2012

Batik Quilt done!

Finally finished one small quilt...all batiks....for a friend!   

13 April 2012


Happy Friday Everyone,

Was out shopping with my Sister and we came across a Antique Store and looky what I found...

The green tree of life quilt (I think that is what it is called is 1860 circa all handmade, no batting so I think it was a utilitarian quilt, but I just loved how soft it looked so ofcourse had to buy and the second quilt - Carolina Lily was all hand made in Ohio Circa 1895!!  Can you believe it, I bought that one as well, so there goes all my "fun" money, but the Lily one I put on my bed and the green tree of life is displayed in my foyer!    I love to look at both of these and think "who made these" I wish I new the ladies the Green one had a tag that said Washington D.C. and the Lily was made in Ohio.....WOW  it is fun to go shopping when you find Beauties like these!!!

Hope everyone has a Great Weekend,



11 April 2012


More bunnies....and my first version of Love Letters...I don't likethe brown urn, soooo I made one in blue and I think I like  the blues better....

Happy Wednesday!!!  Hugs, Mary

08 April 2012


Happy Easter to all....:)  Hope the Easter Bunny was good to all!   This pic was taken earlier in March in CA....what a Beautiful area!  Which we could live out there!  This is my whole gang...Hubby, Kate, Mike and Emily and Me  :)

My oldest, Kate, just got engaged (well about 2-3 weeks ago) so have been walking around in a Happy Cloud!  Wedding is planned for Oct, 2013!  Happy Day!!  Kate and Chris have been dating since High School , all through College and now (9 years), so am very excited for these two love birds!!  Chris is a wonderful young man and am so happy to be able to say I am getting a Son...God is Great!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring  :)
Many Many Hugs,


03 April 2012

Another small quilt completed...

Hello everyone,

Here is my rendition of a batik churn dash small little quilt, what do you think??  I used the small dots as a border...colorful right???

Happy Tuesday, Happy Spring  :)