17 November 2016

November 17, 2017

After a year of failing health, my Mom passed away on November 12th, 2016. I hope everyone Hugs their own Mom a little more today, listens a little bit harder and cherishes their own times with their Moms, whether young or old, Mother's should always be cherished, Love & Hugs to All, Mary

02 November 2016

Karen Hahn creation

DONE BY KAREN HAHN of Horse and Buggy

My favorite wool designer, check out this site, you will be amazed!!

You should check out this Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HorseAndBuggyCountry

16 September 2016

Hello .....

Hi everyone, i'm still here....have some interesting pics for all of you....this is where I have been
and here are from hurricane at the outer banks which we experienced over labor day
I'm back now, looking forward to fall....and some hand sewing... Missed you all, Mary

27 June 2016

Another Baby Quilt

Just finished the top for this Baby Quilt, my girlfriend's other daughter is having her 1st Baby and she wanted blues and creams, soooo this is what I made:
Her husband proposed in Paris and they were married in Destin, Florida so that is why the choice of fabrics, I tried to pull a little more blue - well, aqua, she doesn't know if its a boy or girl, but I like the water theme, what do you think? I stuck with Pinwheels as I really like that for babies, why? have no clue.... Have a great Week, Hugs, Mary

09 June 2016

New Impressions, Another one done...

Hi everyone, yes I finished another block...I think this one is my favorite block. I love birds, especially bluebirds, Enjoy,
closer look:
Well, off to travel a little, hope you all have a great weekend, Hugs, Mary

05 June 2016

Unexpected friend...

Found this near my garden... Beautiful butterfly😉

16 May 2016

New Impressions... Still stitching...

New Impressions: Here are my new blocks that I have so far:

30 March 2016

Making dresses for Africa ...shared from humble quilts.com


07 March 2016

Happy March, I'm still here....

Hi all, just wanted to add two more blocks, one is finished, one is in the works....I am really slow with this project, but keep pluggin along,
My mom is in recovery, so trying to get her strong each and every day.... oh and here is my clan in New York last month...
Many Hugs, Mary

19 January 2016

Hi there....

Well Happy New Year to all quilting blogland! I am here....since Thanksgiving, My 92 yr old Mom's health has deteriorated slowly, she is back in the hospital as I write this. So, my quilting life has taken a backseat...I am still working on my blocks from When the Cold Wind Blows, but am very behind in a lot of other projects, therefore, I just wanted those to know that I am still around and am checking in on others blogs :) While sitting in my Mom's hospital room, I have been catching up on reading some of the many quilting magazines that seem to collect in my house. I read this by Mark Lipinski and it really was like reading works of wisdom. Mark says, "Taking a breath and stitching with intention is taking a forward step to gain physical, creative, spiritual and financial benefits through our creative process slowing down and being present will not only up your quilting game, it can transform every part of life - Slow Stitching Movement by Mark Lipinski. So now I don't feel that bad that I only stitch here and there where I can find time. It seems at night I get a lot of my handwork done, but since Thanksgiving, not so much, so I keep reading what Mark said and it is inspiring to me... I hope all is well with all of you, and I wish you (a little late than never) a very Happy and Healthy 2016. Hugs Mary It is not the destination but the journey that counts (kate knight) ;)