03 December 2011


Hi fellow Swappers:

Here is a list of the Swappers and their blogs.  It looks like I haven't heard from one lady....

Jennifer - http://www.zospecial.wordpress.com/  FINISHED AND SENT
Megan - http://www.willworkforfabric.typepad.com/  FINISHED AND SENT
Crystal -  email zman101@dis.net FINISHED AND SENT
Angela -http://www. moderndiary.blogspot.com  FINISHED AND SENT
Karen -http://www.karen-logcabinquilter.blogspot.com  FINISHED AND SENT
Diane - sewmaniacquilter.blogspot.com  FINISHED AND SENT
Mary -http:// myneedlethread.blogspot.com  FINISHED AND SENT
Lurline - http://lurlineg.blogspot.com/ - ???? HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOU????

So, Lurline I have tried to contact you by email and your blog, but no response....please let me know if you are working on your small quilt, if it will be delayed....I know it is coming from Australia, but I need to know when you sent it.  Otherwise, I have to make an "Angel Quilt"  for your swap partner, as she mailed hers out and you received it, so please contact me. 

Also, would anyone be willing to be an "Angel" in case I need one????  I know this is a hectic time of the year, but I have to get a small quilt out ASAP, if Lurline is having any issues. 

Again, Lurline please, please contact me....I know you have had also internet and health issues, but I haven't heard from you, so please contact me. 

OK, I think I covered it all....if any one of you have any questions, please contact me:  coolmommary@fastmail.fm (my son set this email up for me about 10 years ago, so please don't think I think I am cool), just don't want the hassle to change it.....(just some info in case you were wondering where I thought this name up)

Otherwise, I loved doing this swap and if anyone is interested in January or February for another one, please let me know....

Love and Hugs to all my Quilting Swappers,