30 January 2012

I think I might have a (little) Problem....

Look at my sewing room, YIKES!!!!   I think I need professional help on how to organize this mess!!!  My poor sewing machine looks soooo lonely among all the chaos!!  Now that I am looking at these pictures, I look like I am hoarding fabric!!!!!  WOW!!!  Bins are overflowing with fabric!!!  I think this room need an overhaul - what do you think????

(i am sooo embarrassed)



Look what I found on Etsy!!

I purchased these through http://www.lisabetzoriginals.com/ by Liza Betz.  She makes Mosaic Art and Original Jewelry on Etsy.  Aren't they adorable??? 

They just arrived today...don't quite know where I am going to place them, I think in my kitchen, but maybe my bedroom, will see...
Hope everyone is having a Great Monday,

Hugs, Mary

26 January 2012


Oh you have to check out "Sew We Quilt" Blog site...really great ideas and instructions...have fun!  Mary

20 January 2012




I think pictures can say a million words.....


?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Think I am going to take a Break from Swaps...to all the ladies that made their Quilts and made the Deadlines, THANK YOU SO  MUCH :)   But, unfortunately life happens and a monkey wrench is thrown in and soon things that are out of your control , go haywire and then before you know it, a Perfect Swap becomes, well not so perfect...so Again, to all the Ladies of my past Swap, Thank you each and everyone of you that made your Quilt, Mailed it to your Swap partner and followed the deadlines.   You are the ones that make Swapping so Special and Fun! 

Feeling a little frustrated here!!???!!  Maybe I should make something Blue as that is how I feel...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day,



12 January 2012

Small Quilt Swap 2 and other ramblings...

Hi fellow bloggers,

Do to not enough sign up for this quilt swap (3) I am thinking of postponing it until maybe mid March...I guess everyone is just pooped out from the Holidays, I know I am....  I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and now it is back to  the  ole' grind...  but I will keep everyone (3) ladies who were interested - your info I will keep and if I have another one, you will be the first on the list - (not that the list is being inundated with names????!!)

Anyways, so what is everyone up to...?  I am basting down pieces of a quilt that I showed back in December to do some hand applique.  The weather here has been really great until Today - we are currently being hit with a Blizzard....so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!  Right?

Lets see - I am in Physical Therapy now for a Herniated Disk - Doc wanted to do surgery, but I opted for PT first - it is getting better so why not?? 

Oh have any of you seen the Bachlor this Season????   I usually enjoy watching senseless nonsense like this, BUT even I have to back away from this one!  I watched the first two nights that it was on and it was DISGUSTING!  Really have we stooped so low that young ladies are throwing themselves at men for the attention, money, exposure on tv, what is it all about????   Again, I used to love to laugh and watch these young men and women make fools of themselves, but this season it is rather sickening for me to watch....OK I will get off my soap box now...

Modern Family I love to watch and the show after it is hysterical too (cant think of the name)

Well, Happy Snowy Thursday to all!   Oh I almost forgot check out the free Owl Calendar Button on the right side of my blog, THE CUTEST OWLS EVER!!!!