25 January 2013

2nd Winter Rose Block Done...

Finished 2nd Block of Winter Rose....Oh I really love these blocks:  Now on to Block 3!  :)  Happy Sewing , Hugs, Mary

22 January 2013

Wonky fabric

Hello everyone,   Youngest daughter picked out all the fabric for these wonky log cabins and pattern, however, the mushrooms and peace signs??I am getting a little sick of, so I added the Owls and perky blue and brown fabrics...., now I am picking from my stash to complement her fabric choices....hope she doesn't mind!! LOL
And now my computer is working so I can upload pics again through Blogger,  Happy  Days!


I am going to try this again.....Thank  you sooooo much cottage quilter for leaving a comment, am going to try and upload pics: here goes.....oh my gosh it worked.  Uploaded them to Picassa like you told me and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!


21 January 2013

Is anyone having problems uploading pictures???   Or is it just me???? Thanks, Mary

Wonky Log Cabins

Here are the latest of my Wonky Log Cabins for youngest dorm room:well for some reason I can't upload pics....I hate computers :(

18 January 2013

Finishing Up News

Hi everyone,

Just updating my finishing up news....still working on Winter Rose or Pomegranate Small Quilt, hand sewing soooo it is taking awile....and wonky log cabins made four more...will have pics to follow,

Very cold outside, stay warm and well,

Hugs, Mary

05 January 2013

I just joined a Finishing Up club...

Hello everyone,

Well, I hope all is well with all of you and that Santa brought you all your wishes....Santa was very good over by my end of the world...but truly having my kids home and family, sisters and nieces and nephews here for Christmas Eve I truly felt blessed.

Now for the New Year, 2013 YEAH!!  I am Not starting any new projects until I finish some of my old ones, like the Wonky Log Cabin Throw I was starting to make for my youngest, for her dorm bed....and then the Pomegranate Wall hanging that I am hand stitching or appliquing I should say, because I have to get those out of the way to start my oldest' wedding quilt (Oct of 2013) so I have some time on that one....so I joined this Finishing up Club - the button is on the side of my blog....check it out, lots of members...

So here is what I have to finish:

Sooooo here are a couple of unfinished projects that I HAVE TO GET DONE IN 2013!     Capital Letters shows that I am serious :)  

Well, Happy New Year everyone and have a great weekend,

Many, Many Hugs and Peace,