17 March 2013

Emily's Wonkie's

Hi everyone,

Here is the latest installment of Emily's Wonkie Blocks....Emmy is my baby, well a 19yr old going to be 20 yr old baby.....????  Soph in college....I sewed the blocks together was going to place 4 across but decided on 3, what do you think???  now I have to sew them all together will brown floral in between each set of three...it's funny you can hardly see how I joined the blocks the Floral Brown fabric worked right in....Well, Happy Sunday and I hope eveyrone has a great week!



08 March 2013

Changed my mind.....

Well, cannot find a background fab for these wonkies, so I went back to fabric store on another search.....this is what I picked.....I think it goes better....actually it looks "Bohemian" and that is he look she wants so..... and this will be the binding fabric:
Here is  a close up of the fabric that will be used to space blocks:  really pretty I think....would look cute on a chair I think?!?!? 

Oh well how are all of YOU doing???  Love to hear from you,



06 March 2013


Well, after staring at these two options for the background, I think I like this one better, what do you think???  Actually, they are three backgrounds that I would have to sew together as I don't have enough of just one....but she wanted Bohemian, so I guess it would work??  If you look closely you will see it is three different fabrics?

What do you think??

Wonky Blocks finally finished!!!!

Hello everyone!  Finally finished the Wonkies and am now auditioning setting fabric.....originally was brown, then tried hot pink, but i think I am going with the Blue/Torquoise color.  What do you think?????????????

I still have to square each block to 15", but just wanted to see what the background fabric I should use....

Also took a pic of the mess these blocks are in making - but fun!

Whoops got my foot in that one....this isn't the arrangement of the blocks either, they will by 4 blocks then row then 4 more, well you get the picture hopefully,

Happy Snowy Wed here in Chicagoland,

Hugs, Mary