21 August 2015

Finishing Friday

Just a couple of things: 1. I finished the Baby Quilt for my girlfriend's daughter. It will be shipped out tomorrow, she is due September 5th, so just made it, Whew!! I am doing a happy dance over here, so here it is:
I actually packed this quilt on vacation in July, and started quilting it then, but just put the binding on last night. I like how it turned out I only hope she does as well... Seriously, I have about 4 other projects going on right now, so every night is spent hand stitching one of them, I thank God for my eyesight and my hands. It's weird but that is what I think of when I am handstitching, how sad it would be if I didn't have either, so am very Thankful!! Also, I have two new friends who have made a home in my gutter right outside of my kitchen window, I had to take a pic for you:
I have watched the mother make here nest in June and have been very careful not to disturb - it is amazing to watch the beauty of nature right outside your window I am thankful for that too! Well, I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and I am praying for all those affected by those wild fires in the northwest, Lots of Hugs, Mary