22 February 2015


Dangerous, right, Thinking??? In two weeks my middle child, well 25 yr old Son, is moving out. Bought a condo about maybe 45 min drive from us, but he is making the big move and well, I am a big blob of emotions. I am happy for Him, Proud of Him, but my heart is breaking that he is moving out. I won't have those funny crazy moments with him, where he is always darting behind doors trying to scare the living daylight out of me, I will miss those, I will probably even miss his laundry - yes, I did say that, Crazy right?? So crazy...I am just a big ball of emotions over here. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday...very cold here in Illinois, more below 0 temps., wish my ancestors kept on going south instead of stopping here in Illinois! Well, here is a picture of my other boy, Cooper, he is 8 now! Remember when he was a puppy? He is a big boy now -
He is saying "Hey to all of you that follow my blog" ....no one comments but a few, so I hope there are people reading my blog posts?? Can't believe I have been on since 2008 - time flies as they say... Mary