16 February 2012

Hi Everyone and yes I'm still here

Hello everyone...Yes, I am still here, Still Cleaning out my Sewing Room. Oh my gosh what a Job!!! I started trying to sort through books, magazines, now I am to the point of "pitching old books out of the room", literally, Pitching - I mean Whole Books I am throwing out of my Sewing Room. My Son, who was home at one point, thought I was having a nervous breakdown....I just might! I am starting on the West Wall of my room and working myself around....so far, 2 days down and total of 6 hours I have spent....about 1/4 of the room you can actually see some improvement???!!! Will take pictures when I am done and I am donating all of my "old books" to our local library....Also will have some giveaways for some kits that I think I bought in the 90's....! Seriously!!! But these kits I can't throw away...some have fabrics too included! So will update as soon as I get this mess cleaned up (probably another week),
Love and Hugs
oh and Happy Belated Valentine's Day,