19 November 2009


Last night sewed the rest of the Missouri Daisy Blocks to the yellow center. This is not easy as you have to use a big running stitch to make just the right amount of "pucker", then once you have that secured pin yellow circle on and applique down. Next comes piecing the white squares and triangles all around the daisy. Once I have 5 more done, then I am going to sew all of them together and am thinking for a border to be strips of all the different fabrics I used. Usually these are not my usual colors but always wanted to do something in the retro 30 fabrics, so found this pattern about a year ago....

Also, worked on my Pine Tree Houses, cutting, and I don't know about you, but I have to organize all small pieces and large for that matter in baggies, this makes it easier to piece (at least for me - don't laugh now)

So as you can see I have been in (way to long) am getting better (Bronchitis) yes, the dreaded coughing is lowing down...so maybe I can actually take Cooper out for a walk today...I think he is depressed because all he does is look at me with those big eyes ... wants to get back in the woods behind my house and run, but for now maybe just a walk around the neighborhood...

I have to say one more thing, since I have been homebound I have visited some of the more remarkable blogs from you ladies and all of you inspire me, I think I joined about 20 more blogs as fav's and I am in total awe of the work that you do.

Keep sewing,


Penguin Wave