16 April 2013

God Bless All of You in Boston...

This is my quilting blog....but my hearts goes out to all of you in the Boston Marathon and the Boston community!  My prayers are with you....life is so very precious and I honestly don't understand why things like this happens...all I can do is Pray

Lots of Big Hugs,


12 April 2013

Warning, will need your sunglasses! :)

Hi to all my fellow bloggers,

This afternoon, yes, today! 8 months after I first bought her (my lovely daughter) her fabric for her dorm room bed... I know she is almost done with Soph year, and yes, as we strolled around Urban Outfitters last Aug., I suggested,....ok I kind of snorted, "Oh Emily I can make you one of those quilts in no time....."  Yes, that is what I said 8 months ago...well finally got the borders on and off to the quilter it goes....
but I am warning all of you, please put on sunglasses because this one is definately BRIGHT!

So, the Wonky Log Cabin Quilt is done !!  I like the border but this block is by far my favorite, I used selvage in this one and it came out really cute!

Well, thank you all for following and check in with me and I wish you all a really Great weekend,

Mary :)