30 August 2011

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My Daughter, Kate, has just launched a New Blog called "Glitz, Glam & Gatsby"  Please check out and comment, she is feeling very lonely....really cute blog, enjoy, Mary

20 August 2011


For some reason I can't get these pictures to move correctly...

Hi Fellow Bloggers and Hope Everyone is having a GREAT Summer!!!

Well, the day finally has come...."Angie's Quilt" is finished and given to Angie the day before she left for SLU in Missouri!!! She is in her third year of studying to be a Nurse.... So here is ANGIE with her Quilt...

I hand pieced and hand quilted this as it was just a nightmare to try on my machine. I think in all it has taken me two (2) yes, two years to complete for Angie but as you can tell by her smiling face, she loved it!!!! My son, Mike is behind her holding up the Quilt!

Here are some more up close pics of "Angie's Quilt" and look at those corners - mitered, YES!! I always have problems with corners on the bindings of Quilts but this time it worked, so proud, so proud....couldn't decide which block I liked the most so just picked a couple for you to see oh and the backing - really liked the purple!!!

Well, hope all is well with everyone, enjoy these last few days of August!