05 December 2012

Its Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday...

Hello everyone,

Yes, I think I have officially lost it.....picked up Christmas Cards I made of Cooper, my yellow lab male...my baby....yes, he is my baby.  He goes to work everyday with Hubby and I work for Hubby part-time, so he is always by one of our sides....He loves when we go to the Bank to make deposits from work because there he is greeted by the tellers with Bones - his fav!!! :)  Soo at halloween, I made cards and gave the Bank and the Mailman and coworkers one from Cooper, sooooooooooo I just had to make ones for Christmas..... want a peek?
 I put reindeer ears on him, he looked soooo cute!!!  Was a  little upset with me, though, did not like them at all, but he endured...Such a good boy!!

Alright, I will stop about my puppy dog but he is a cutie,

Happy Wednesday everyone,

Lots of Hugs,