08 April 2014


Hello everyone, w Yes, I have been away from my blog... I miss all of you and I miss sewing sooo much. My 90 year old Mom, fell in the beginning of January, and had to be rushed into surgery. She fractured the 4 discs in her neck and fractured her wrist....therefore, I have been taking care of Mom, but the good news is that she is getting better....slowly....but making progress. She can now use her right hand and is home....so please keep my Mom in your prayers...I would so appreciate it!! Hoping to get back to finishing my header block quilt....have 3 squares done, 1 to go....YEAH!! :) But I do visit everyone on my fav's to see what you are up to.....my sewing room is starting to get cob webs! :( Much Love to All, Mary

27 January 2014

Ready for the Olympics!

Yes we are anxiously awaiting the Olympics!


Like everyone in the Midwest, we are Snowbound...yes, -6 temp, wind chill double digits....but before the temp plummeted last evening, had Cooper out to play in the Snow! Enjoy :) But this one is my favorite...all dressed and ready to go!

31 December 2013

Happy New Year to All...

Hi Everyone!!! I hope everyone has a Beautiful New Year filled with lots of Peace and Happiness and Fabulous Health!! I am sitting here on New Years Eve, thinking about the last year with all the truly happy moments and also the sad moments, and I thank God for everyone of them....I am very fortunate to have a loving family, and my faith in God. I have done a little bit of stitching these past few months, not nearly what I would have accomplished in previous years, but moments and people took priority in my life...hope to get back to stitchin in the New Year! I still follow all my favorite blogs, like Karen's - Primitive Quilts and Pat's and several others and I wish I could get things done as Beautifully and Fast as they do, maybe, maybe 2014!! Well, have a wonderful New Year's Eve and God Bless each and every one of my Quilting Friends! Hugs, Mary

08 December 2013

Kate & Chris, The Wedding :)


DSC_0305 This is my daughter's wedding: Kate & Chris My son is next to my husband, Dave & I are next to Kate, my other daughter is the right of the Groom- Emily was the maid of honor ...my Mom, Anrita is being held up by the groom and my 3 sisters, she is 90 and soo happy that she made it! Please keep my Mom in all your prayers, she has not been well, since the summer and is failing.... Still sewing the quilt in header, on block 3 - YEAH, only has taken me two years so far and still counting! ARGH!! Can't get moving over here, kind of Stuck! :( Well,hope everyone's christmas shopping is hassle free and stress free, keep smiling :) Hugs, Mary

10 November 2013

Beautiful appliqued table cloth

Hi Everyone, Oh I just have to share this beautiful tablecloth I bought at an Estate Sale...could not pass it up....it has a couple of light stains on it, but it is soo beautifully appliqued by hand...the daughter told me she thinks it was made in the 30's...so I took pics to share....she only charged me $25.00??? can you believe it??? I told her it was worth much much more, but she had a dozen or so, and wanted them off her hands...I even bought 6 napkins that went with it...the napkins were a dollar a piece....it honestly felt wrong I told her, but she just laughed, told me it belonged to her grandmother's sister....oh I would love to know the story behind this tablecloth or the lady who sat and did such beautiful work!! Enjoy!
I even took a picture of the underneath of one of the baskets so you can see the handy work, Isn't it just Beautiful!! Hugs, Mary

07 November 2013

Hello everyone! Happy Fall....:)

Hello Everyone, Still here ..... Still stitchin, Hugs, Mary