28 July 2015

I'm back!!

Hi quilting buddies...I've spent two weeks at the outer banks...not much sewing done....I was rather lazy...oh I had such great plans but, well, just sat by ocean and soaked up the beautiful salt air�� More pics to follow but I did catch up on my blog viewing of all your wonderful beautiful work.. Now to get back in the swing of things Lots of sunny restful hugs, Mary

10 July 2015


Hi all, I will be on vacation for the next two weeks, hope to do a lot of stitchin by the seashore!! Stay well and see you when I get back! Hugs, Mary

03 July 2015

MY NEEDLE AND THREAD BY MARY: Table Runner prepped

MY NEEDLE AND THREAD BY MARY: Table Runner prepped

Table Runner prepped

One more project, yes a table runner, all cutout and prepped for applique - its made of all wool so am going to start buttonhole stitch on it ... Happy 4th everyone!
Hugs, Mary

02 July 2015

4th block of ole glory ...

Hi everyone, Here is the 4th block of my Ole Glory quilt:
Half is appliqued on the other two vines and leaves need to be basted still...I think I am going to take this one on vacation with me along with a couple of other projects
Happy Thursday everyone, off to work to do payroll for Hubby, Hugs, Mary

29 June 2015

Another rainy Monday

Good morning everyone, well today is another rainy Monday. I don't know about you but I have had it with the rain! I know the west needs the rain but here in Illinois we are totally saturated. This is summer...? You wait all winter long for sun and heat and know I feel like we are living in the rainforest somewhere. We have an inground sprinkler system and we have not even turned on (bright side saving money) but I just want the sun�� Well, on a brighter note, the baby quilt is in the hoop..worked on that sat and Sunday...prepped more blocks for a quilt I am making..more news on that in August...prepped more a table runner I am making and almost finished with the second block of "when the cold wind blows" pattern...I will post some pics this afternoon as I am using hubby's iPad. I hope your sun is out as I look out my kitchen window into my rainforest. All I need to see now are some monkeys swinging through the trees?!☔️�� Hugs Mary

25 June 2015



Baby Quilt Top Done

Hi everyone, Well, I did fix my machine - and you know what all the google searches say, 99% of the time it is Not your tension...Well, in my case, it Was The Tension! So after playing around with it I did finally fix it, Thank God!! Point being, check your Tension on machine first before bringing it in for repair. Anyway, after getting all my rows sewed, I knew I wasn't quite finished with this Baby Quilt yet, atleast not my version, so here is the completed top:
Yep, that is hubby holding it up for me! So now to be quilted!!! I want to get this done and in the mail by mid July, as I am going to be on vacation and baby is due in September, so what do you think?? Happy Thursday, Lots of Rain here in IL. Hugs, Mary