29 May 2015

Step 1 - Baby Quilt

Happy Friday everyone! I have all my triangles cut for a very Special Baby Quilt I am making for my Best Friend's daughter. The new mom wants greys and whites, so I tried to stay true to what she wanted and have picked oranges, greens, greys, yellows and whites. More pics to follow: But this is what I am working on this weekend:
With my camera you can't really see the grey/yellow/white fabric, but if you double click you can see the fabric. Well, it will be a very busy, fun weekend, Lots of Quilting Hugs, Mary

26 May 2015

Back Basting Method - I like it

Hi everyone, Last night I tried back basting two of the leaves on my When the Cold Wind Blows Block... and I have to say the leaves laid nicely down and in place...hmmm might start using this method, I really liked the results
I have tried to show you the back of the block and then look how nicely they laid, Well, Happy Tuesday everyone Happy Hugs, Mary

22 May 2015

Question...curious minds and all..

Good morning lovely bloggers, as u know I love hand stitching I really do , I would like to ask all of u that hand appliqué...what is your favorite method. Do u use freezer paper, or needle turn as u go-which is the current wAy I do it, do u use glue? Or.. Have u ever done the underneath or back basting method of appliqué. Do u use a vinyl overlay? Or do u just eyeball it? My last block I am trying to do does not look anything like the pattern so I am going to draw a vinyl overlay to see if I can get it more precise. I m not a perfectionist but something about this last block bothers me. See previous post and u will see what I mean.... So tell me if u have a chance what is your favorite way?. Many happy hugs Mary

18 May 2015

New Block from Blackbird Design

Here is another project I am working on:
And this weekend my Middle Young Son, Michael received his Master's Degree in Finance - here is a pic
Here he was on the stage when they "Hooded" him... so proud!! Hugs, Mary

16 May 2015

First three blocks done

Just completed Block 3 - Yeah! Here are the firs three for my Ole Glory!
Now onto Block 4.... Hugs, Mary

13 May 2015

Block three ... continues

Hi everyone, I am still working on Block 3 a little more progress - got all those little blue circles sewed on and vines now starting larger circles on flowers:
Sorry my family room is a mess, this is where I handstitch at night - see my lovely blue back support! Lovely, right?? Well, hope you week is progressing smoothly, I am going to try and cut out circles for baby quilt this afternoon, Hugs, Mary