23 April 2015

Third block progressing

Hi Everyone, Here is the beginning of the Third Block...just basted, not all the pieces yet, but just the 1st phase as it were..
close up of one flower partially done:
As you can see much more work to be done...but still stitchin! Happy Thursday, Hugs, Mary

31 March 2015

Old Glory, 1st block done

Last night I finished my first block of Old Glory - The Eagles.... I did find these challenging to say the least, especially their beaks and wing points, but I like how they turned out, now to the next block....
Here is a close up of each eagle so you can see what I mean,
Also took a picture of one of the fabrics I used - my favorite so far...
Well, that is it for today, Hugs, Mary

30 March 2015

Auditioning....do you do this?????

I have been 2 days auditioning fabrics for this "other project" I am doing....and finally decided on this green - however, as is always my case I purchased this particular green fabric in 2007? So, now I need 3 3/4 yards of it and I have about 3/4 of one yard - typical right? So will start to try and duplicate the color at my quilt store. For some odd reason, I have a ton of reds and blues and creams but green, I don't have a lot of.
This is a really old pattern that has been on my to do list, so am going to give it a try., Also, have been working on my Eagle Quilt...oh the lessons I am relearning here - Eagles are not easy to Hand Applique!!! Those beaks and wings - OH MY!! Got better with the second eagle, the third is a still a work in progress..I think the second one looks like an "Angry Bird" but it's an Eagle??? I also gave them each an eye... they needed some personality right??
Then the Cold Wind Blows Block 2 is slowly coming around, have this much appliqued down, however have to fix that flower - see...
See these blocks are HUGH, and am used to Bigger pieces to applique - a Lot Easier (in my humble opinion). If you look at the flower - There is not supposed to be a space there but there is, so some ripping tonight on that one...How was your weekend sewing projects coming along??? Hugs, Mary

27 March 2015

Annie Downs Bag

I picked this up at the Quilt Festival yesterday, it's a shopping bag but I thought it was really cute and I forgot to share yesterday on my post:
Isn't it the cutest??? Hugs and Happy Friday, Mary

26 March 2015

Sometimes you just have to have a fun day!

Hi....today I attended the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. WOW is all I can say, Beautiful Quilts in Red and White. I brought my camera so you can see what I saw, now I am not a photographer so bear with me here....
This last one was my favorite - love the chedder! Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop and Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop were there, just to name a few...so I did spend a couple of pennies...LOL :) Anyway, it was a Beautiful Show they put on and enjoyed a day out with my Sister! Hope you enjoy all the eye candy, Hugs, Mary

22 March 2015

Summer Weekend by Blackbird

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday!! Well, I started my Quilt Like An Eagle today, and I thought those eagles at the bottom were going to be sooo easy, I was wrong. I just know that the wing span on the left of the eagle and those little legs are going to give me problems! I am going to try one eagle and if I have problems, I am going to have to redraft those eagles as to fit better with the branch and flower and leaves. But I still love this quilt, hope all is well, with you :)