12 September 2008


Today put the final border on and sewed label to back of quilt. It is sandwiched and basted and ready to be quilted! Thought I would share some photos with you... The Label on the back is a Duck traced from a Coloring Book, but I added a Cap to him, as Ryan is a "Real True Blue Chicago Sox Fan", so had to add the logo "Sox" to Duck's Cap. I hope it doesn't look weird, the Duck having a Cap, but this quilt is for a Boy, so had to free-hand draw the Cap and Hubby thinks it looks funny, tried to make it dimensional (that is what Hubby told me to do), so did the best I could and I think he is really cute, just hope Samantha and Ryan will like it...it's on the back of the quilt anyway so here is the picture of that...

Now I have to get going on another project..."Little Quilt Swap 2"...have some ideas and will start cutting fabrics this weekend. Can't tell you anymore because it is a Secret....Swap....so will post pictures of that project as I progress...

Hope everyone has a Great Weekend and am praying for all of you in the Texas area with all the hurricane and tornado warnings, you are all in my thoughts and prayers,