16 April 2010



Went to the International Quilt Festival today at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL with my Sister!!!! Oh what a fun time we had - took a lot of pictures of some of the most amazing quilts I have ever seen and then went to look at them before we left and somehow DELETED them - So had to backtrack and I just took a few of my favorites...Enjoy the eye candy...
I especially liked the yellow one - that is why I took so many of that one. You would never know we were in a recession or whatever we are in there were soooo many ladies buying fabric and patterns and kits - Yes, I was one of them - I couldn't help it, every booth was just so much fun to look at and see all the creations that they were selling - This was my first Quilt Festival and it was fantastic. Some lady told me it is the last one in Illinois - next year it is going to be in Cincinnati - so am glad I finally made it!
And a word on Cooper - he is recoving very quickly - so all of your prayers have surely been answered - Now to just be able to keep him in a quiet mode - not an easy task - but Monday will be 2 weeks down and 5 more to go! We are getting there!
Many Hugs,

11 April 2010


This post is not about sewing or my quilting, this is about my furry buddy, COOPER. Last week Cooper has surgery on his left hind leg - he tore is acu tendon so they had to repair his knee and he is on lots of pain meds and antibiotic and anti-inflamatory drugs. He can't run for 8 weeks or go for a walk - i have to keep him on a short leash to go outside to the bathroom and am putting ice on his leg 3 times a day for 15 minute intervals. He is being very brave and kisses me everytime I apply ice on his leg - what a trooper. I just love Labs - they are the sweetest most gentle dogs that I have ever had the honor of owning. Cooper is truly my buddy! Tomorrow will be one week down, 7 more to go...so will keep everyone updated on Cooper's recovery.

Lots of Hugs to all of you and your "special" furry friends,