06 September 2013

Ok...no takers ???

So no one wants to play or dream with me???? Come on you guys, we will push one another :)

04 September 2013

Oh I am certifiable!!

Hello Lovely Bloggers: I was thinking (well, daydreaming) and I came up with an idea...I know distubing, right???Well, my idea is would anyone want to sign up to make a block a month of this quilt by Sue Spargo? First, you would have to buy the book and then each month make a block....this would be block 1 then Block 2 and so on... I would keep track of everyone's progress by posting pics of blocks done each month, but they would never leave your lovely homes....this way we would encourage each other and if you wanted to do all the fancy stitching Sue does that is great, if not, no worries, Would anyone be interested in starting this with me - I would make a little logo so everyone could post on their blog too...It would be soo much fun, I have always wanted to make this quilt..."Magnolia" by S. Spargo :) Just let me know... Hugs, Mary