04 December 2011

Small Quilt Swap 1

Update on Lurline....one of our swap ladies all the way from Australia.  She has been in a car accident and was in the hospital for 4 days and then when she came home her computer crashed, so that is why I couldn't reach her...But with all that has happened to her, her small quilt is almost done and she is hand quilting it as we speak - God Bless Her - so please say a little prayer for her that all is well and that life calms down for her, and that her health recovers quickly! 

So once that quilt gets mailed out, All is Good!!

Happy Sunday Everyone and a Big Thankyou to Jennifer who volunteered to be our quilt "Angel" if Lurline needed one!!  Thank you Jennifer you are a sweetie!!!

Quilting Hugs to all of you,

Mary :)