29 November 2012

Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh, Oh My...

Hi Everyone,

I am completely obsessed with this new Primitive Quilts and Projects Winter 2012 Issue.....I took a picture of the table of contents, I really want to make each and every Project...Oh and they have a hooked rug, a Horse!!  I have never hooked a rug but am thinking of making one.....WOW!!  I am definately going to make that Snowman Wallhanging, Why?  Because I am forever in love with Snowmen!!!

Oh soooo excited, have to calm down now, and get to the projects at hand!  Notice I say project(s), yes, more than one!!!!!!!  Hope I can complete everything by Christmas....well, we do have one more week in there, YEAH!!

Sorry my picture taking has a lot to be improved upon!!  Sun was coming in...well, hope you enjoy,



26 November 2012

Some stitching done....

Hi Everyone,

Over the weekend, I did a little "stitching" on my Sue Spargo table runner....it is a new stitch for me "couching" done by hand, not machine,  I think that is how you spell it, well, this was a first for me...didn't come out all that bad....ok on to the leaves....

Happy Cyper Monday!!!  Be Safe!!



Oh and have to add my nieces' wedding was on Fri, here is a sneak peak at her coming down the isle...  sooooo pretty!!!!  Congrats Jackie and Kyle!!!

22 November 2012

One down, three more blocks to go...


Finished first block, now on to block 2, I think I have to move the bottom leaves a little though, but haven't basted it down yet... but this is what I have so far,

I changed the stem colors and reds a little, so two will be this one and one will be like the first... The first block is all done, sewn by hand (loved every single minute of it)....it really does take away anxiety, just saying, by hand sewing....

Anyways, I wish all of you a Beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

All my Hugs,

Mary :)

21 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to All...

Ok I had to do it,

Cooper and I say Happy Thanksgiving, yes he has had a bath and is in his Turkey collar, Enjoy...

Hugs, Mary

13 November 2012


Ok, OK it's not me, but a gal can dream, right?????

:) Mary

Also working on this one

Hi Bloggers,

Ok, who doesn't just love Sue Spargo???  Well, I started this little table runner about 3 mo ago, but am thinking of finishing this one up for Christmas for my sister, so here is the cover of the book that I REALLY want to do and my table runner.  I don't know all the fancy stitching but am going to give it a go. 

Happy Sewing,



11 November 2012

Says it all...I think...Hugs, Mary

02 November 2012

Still working on this one...

Hello Lovely Bloggers,

Yes, I am still, still, working on this one.  I am hand stitching (why???), should have machine appliqued but I like to work on at night, well, that is what I used to do, but have been soooooooooooooooooo busy with what, I don't know, but anyhow, back to this...maybe I can get it done by Christmas?   It has 4 blocks total!!!  Oh my :)

Well, have a great Weekend,



Am starting to think of having another small quilt swap, any takers???

Not quilting but...

Hi Everyone,

I hope this Friday finds everyone safe and well....My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy..  I have sooooo many fond memories of vacationing for years (since childhood) on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  My aunt (my mom's only sister/sibling) had a seaside home on the Island.  All my summers were spent there along with my three sisters.  My aunt and uncle actually lived in Haddonfield, New Jersey, but spent their summers at the "shore" and we were apart of those summers.   Both my aunt and uncle have passed away years ago, but they taught us the love of the great Atlantic Ocean and it's seaside communities.  All our vacations after they died have been in the Outer Banks, North Carolina because we still love and cherish the Ocean and all it's Beauty.  I wish there was something I could do sitting here in the midwest, I feel so helpless!!  If anyone knows of anyone from Illinois and how to help, please email me, my heart goes out to all those people and I feel so helpless!

In other words....my ideas on the New York Marathon....I know people have trained and planned, but ARE THEY SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  People are out of power and no heat or food and they are thinking of progressing with this Marathon????

And while I am on a role here -- where is Obama and Romney????   First 911 Attack on our Embassy and Now this Hurricane...HELLO  - Campaigning - I am sooooo sick of this Election....the fighting the dirty ads....bottom line America needs help!!!

OK I'm done with my ranting....again anyone in IL who knows of helping the East Coast, please let me know,

God Bless Everyone,