19 October 2015

My slow stitchin Sunday...

Hi all! Well, I worked on this block all day yesterday (Sunday) and didn't finish to late in evening so didn't have time to post on Slow Stitchin Sunday, but here is my latest on Quilt Like An Eagle quilt I am making. This block is my favorite because of the house...
Now to make the stars in between...so it is still a work in progress but wanted to share, Hugs, Mary

14 October 2015

New Impressions - Block 2

Hi - well, I finished block 2 of New Impressions, this block was very difficult for me, had to rip out leaves and two berries are really not correctly positioned, but my little bird is catching a berry as it falls of branch - I think???!?!?
I did think of enlarging (like you said Karen) but I think I will keep them the size they are supposed to be - this one is going to take me longer than most though, I can just feel it. Well, hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, Hugs, Mary

13 October 2015

When the Cold Wind Blows and more

Hi Blogging Family, Well, first I want to thank all the ladies that have posted on how to change your profile email from "no comment blogger", it really helped me change mine! I guess when I added Google+ it messed up my settings, so thank you thank you to all the ladies that have walked me through step by step! I have been hand sewing at night...here is the newest installment on my blocks:
I finished up the second block, fixed a couple of mistakes on it, then on to the next block, everything is measured, cut out and now to baste. That is project one. I also am playing catch up with my blocks from "New Impressions" - The Women, I am still stitching away on block two. I don't know if I really like these blocks as they are very small and time consuming for me. Others are whipping through them, but for Me it is taking me a long time, and I did have to seam rip some of the leaves on block two because they were not where they were supposed to be...pics to follow when I finally finish block two. Project three is SBOW I am doing from primitive gatherings- don't even get me started on that one, very very small wool pieces that I am having a very difficult time with, very time consuming - I think I actually might sell this whole pattern on wool on ebay, any takers. I just don't have the patience anymore! Project Four - Christmas Wallhangings as gifts - yes I am trying to make a few - can't share just yet and finally, our oldest Daughter Kate, ran and finished the Chicago Marathon Sunday. She ran to raise money for Crones Disease which my Son, her brother was born with, so congrats Kate she raised $1,650.00 YEAH! So Proud of her, and all my kids,
I am so blessed! Well, August, September and October have been a blur around here, but trying to slow down and breathe Lots of Hugs, Mary

06 October 2015

Comments please

Please leave comment if you read my blog. I really love to hear your thoughts and your words really lift me up and motivate me...thank you, Hugs, Mary

04 October 2015

Hi all...

Hi blog! I read a really great post from "Kathy" (forgive me I don't remember blog name, but she talked about keeping up with all our many to do projects and how overwhelmed she felt and I agree or at least as they say "I feel you". I have been feeling that way for some time now. There are just so many projects I am doing or started... Too many to count...too many tabs open in my mind...that I have let some of them really fall to the back... Some have not even gotten to!!! Augh!!! Sigh sigh...sorry I am rambling...but Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and really wanted some fall wall hangings that I never got to so....I bought yes bought 2 on etsy. And want to share w you: the first is by "Karen Hahn of HorseAndBuggyCountry"...beautifully stitched wool applique...well worth the price
. Then I bought this beautiful pumpkin wall hanging from "Lori Rippey of homespunptimsbylori". Gorgeous pumpkin now hanging in my kitchen
. So as u can see at least I am supporting the economy and supporting 2 very talented ladies that have designed these two beauties and then handmade them! I have been slow stitching 4 other projects and cutting fabric for a 5th project which u will fill u in a little later on about but thank you Lori and Karen for making my home look inviting for Fall ..Happy Oct everyone Many hugs, Mary