30 January 2015

Well, I changed some of the petals

Ok, after thinking about what Karen said, I just changed some of the petals to subdue some of the reds...I don't know, can you see a difference?
Stay Warm, Hugs, Mary

What are you working on this weekend?

Here are the two blocks together, I think the one I am basting looks a little too white - the background, so I may change some of the petals to match first block or should I leave it? I don't know, I am trying to get more blues than browns, that is what I am trying to go for here, please let me know what you think? oh I hope I didn't mess this up... what do you think?? Thanks, Hugs, Mary

22 January 2015

Thursday mutterings

Hi, Last night while watching Modern Family, I cut and pinned my next block for "When the Cold Wind Blows" - the Winter Rose Block - Here are some pics I found my box of fabrics labeled "When the Cold Wind Blows",, thank God I kept these fabrics together because its been awhile! Many Hugs, What do you all think? Mary

14 January 2015

Another project I am working on..

Hi! Am trying to finish up this block, the basket was brown but I switched it out to Blue. Like it better now have to start needle turning. But I think then once I get this one done will start on the next Big block - always loved this pattern by Blackbird Designs

06 January 2015


Hi, I Finally, Finally, finished all the hand stitching and now all I need to do is quilt and Bind! Yeah!! This has taken me THE LONGEST time to get this far.... Here are some pics: Hope everyone is keeping nice and warm and flu free!!! Hugs, Mary