31 December 2014

Happy New Year, 2015!!

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends. I hope you all have a Beautiful, Safe, Healthy and Prosperous 2015, I cherish you all, Hugs, Mary ;)

04 December 2014

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! :)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Have been neglectful in my posts - life is very busy sometimes...especially around the holidays. Have a Wonderful Day and hope your day is not filled with stress Hugs, Mary

26 October 2014

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! I Have some eye candy for you - tell me what you think??? Yesterday, Saturday, my sister and I went to this one second-hand store and I found this: I love to decorate with quilts and this was a find, made in 1930's? they think, for $50.00, drunkard's path, I believe is it's name, they did not know?? so, I came home and placed over my sofa sort of sideways, don't like everything to be all square? I don't know, just my taste I guess, anyway, I put it on a chair and it finally ended up in my livingroom over one of my sofas. I love my sofa's but I bought them it seems like a hundred years ago, so needed some blues to match drapes, so....what do you think? Is it too much or do you like it? Then I moved my little quilt which I bought at an antique store to larger sofa: Here is a closer look at the drunkard's path: It is cloth on cloth, no batting, all quilted by hand (I think) that is what they told me and pieced by hand.... Then on another find, I have this star quilt hanging in my foyer - I told you I liked to decorate with quilts: it's really red but in the picture looks lighter. Well, I hope you find a lot of great finds on your next shopping adventure! Hugs, Mary THIS IS ME PLAYING WITH SETTINGS OF CAMERA, ON A VERY WARM JULY DAY IN NORTH CAROLINA!! I MISS SUMMER!!!!

07 October 2014

It's Tuesday....

Hi Everyone, It's a cold, windy Tuesday here in Illinois. Last night I worked on the Quilt that is in my header. Seriously, I think I have been working on these blocks hand appliquing for at least 3 years, and as I was working on it last night I though, I bet you ladies would have finished this project in a month! So many starts and stops, life gets in the way you know? Then there is always, always another project that takes me away from the one that I should be finishing! How do you stay on task? Also, the colors are starting to change here like everywhere else and I just love to take walks to check out all the colors. No matter how I try to match colors, God always gets them Perfect! I look at the reds and oranges in Trees and I think, Wow I will never get that exact color. Do any of you feel like that?? Well, hopefully by the end of week I will be reporting that I have finished the last block I am working on, then on to finishing! Will keep you posted, I hope all of you have a Great Week, Lots of Hugs, Mary

03 October 2014

Rainy and cold here so this is just Because: I miss the Ocean .... Happy Weekend Everyone, Mary

29 September 2014

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!! :) Well, I took some pics of the quilts I am working on and Still working on: And, am going to start my Eagle Quilt, I am thinking about this pattern from 2001 Piece O Cake Design, called Land of the Free, I am trying to download pic.... but am still playing with it.... and, I have found fabrics from stash for this lovely project: This pattern calls for black setting for stars but I am going to use the blues instead... Yummy, right! Well, I am getting back to my sewing since all vacations over, everyone back to school and work, so here I go again!!! Had to slip one in from OBX, N.C. Hugs to you all, Mary

25 September 2014

I'm back.....?????!!!

Hello Blogger Friends, Yes, it is true, vacations are over.....and I am back at STILL hand appliqueing the header quilt above....still...I know I am back! Yeah!! I will have pictures later to post, also I joined the Eagle Quilt - see sidebar, so will be starting that one as well. I am also working on another project called "How does your Garden Grow" so will post pics when I get home from work. So see I have not just been vacationing all summer...And on a side note, my Mom is doing much much better! Miss you all :) Hugs, Mary

08 July 2014


Hi everyone, Vacationing :) Hope everyone is having a restful July :) Hugs, Mary More to come...

02 July 2014

Fit & Fabulous: Why Having a Running Obsession is Not Always a Bad...

Fit & Fabulous: Why Having a Running Obsession is Not Always a Bad...: I have discovered a new love in my life.... running. I was one of those people who never  imagined myself running outside. I feared I would ... This is youngest blog....check it out if you are into Nutrition and Fitness!!

30 June 2014

Part 4...

All basted and ready to go! Hugs, Mary

13 June 2014

Cool saying and stuff...

Hi everyone, I just saw this on Happy Cottage Quilter Blog and had to repost this saying:
Also, I have read a couple of books lately and want to pass the titles on: Harlan Coben - "Promise Me" and The Invention of Wings - this is an Oprah pick - author: Sue Monk Kidd (love Love her books) just started Bittersweet - ok so far... Well, Happy Thursday everyone :) Hugs, Mary

11 June 2014

Three down, one to go!

Oh my gosh this is taking forever, three blocks done now, one more to go.....

22 May 2014


Hello everyone! Yes, Sunny Days in IL!! Reached 87 degrees yesterday!!! Mom is getting stronger everyday, Thank God! Physical Therapy twice a week for 4 hours is really helping her...can use hands and arms now, just working on legs, slowly recovering from spinal surgery and being 90 it's hard. But thank you all for your prayers....Well, I did finish the third block in my header quilt, YEAH!! But, have one more block to complete....oh my gosh, this small quilt has taken me FOREVER to complete!! Have soo many projects that I want to complete, one thing at a time though!! Keep on stitchin! I do check out all my buddies blogs! Beautiful work is being done out there by all of you!! Hugs, Mary

08 April 2014


Hello everyone, w Yes, I have been away from my blog... I miss all of you and I miss sewing sooo much. My 90 year old Mom, fell in the beginning of January, and had to be rushed into surgery. She fractured the 4 discs in her neck and fractured her wrist....therefore, I have been taking care of Mom, but the good news is that she is getting better....slowly....but making progress. She can now use her right hand and is home....so please keep my Mom in your prayers...I would so appreciate it!! Hoping to get back to finishing my header block quilt....have 3 squares done, 1 to go....YEAH!! :) But I do visit everyone on my fav's to see what you are up to.....my sewing room is starting to get cob webs! :( Much Love to All, Mary

27 January 2014

Ready for the Olympics!

Yes we are anxiously awaiting the Olympics!


Like everyone in the Midwest, we are Snowbound...yes, -6 temp, wind chill double digits....but before the temp plummeted last evening, had Cooper out to play in the Snow! Enjoy :) But this one is my favorite...all dressed and ready to go!