02 June 2013

Crazy town around here!!! Oh Boy!

I know, I know, quilting blog Mary!  But.....WE WON!!  THE HAWKS WON FIRST GAME AGAINST L.A.!!!  So exciting to be in the Playoff Finals!!!  Here are some pics from the game,the Hawks are really good but L.A. has an awesome goalie - so biting nails over here!!!  May the best team win!!!  Yeah!

I can't promise this is the last of me posting hockey pictures, but I will try not tooo, however, it is really getting exciting around Chi town!  As you can see we are in the nose bleed section (3rd level) and boy does it get Crazy up there, but all in fun!
I hope everyone has a restful Sunday !!!
And yes, I am still Quilting :)
Hugs to all