11 April 2010


This post is not about sewing or my quilting, this is about my furry buddy, COOPER. Last week Cooper has surgery on his left hind leg - he tore is acu tendon so they had to repair his knee and he is on lots of pain meds and antibiotic and anti-inflamatory drugs. He can't run for 8 weeks or go for a walk - i have to keep him on a short leash to go outside to the bathroom and am putting ice on his leg 3 times a day for 15 minute intervals. He is being very brave and kisses me everytime I apply ice on his leg - what a trooper. I just love Labs - they are the sweetest most gentle dogs that I have ever had the honor of owning. Cooper is truly my buddy! Tomorrow will be one week down, 7 more to go...so will keep everyone updated on Cooper's recovery.

Lots of Hugs to all of you and your "special" furry friends,