22 March 2008


Hi All,

Happy Easter a day early, since I am going to my sister's tomorrow, I thought I better post today. Am getting some sewing done today on some unfinished projects. Then it's off to take our 3 teens out to dinner for a pre-easter celebration!!! Gotta Love Easter!!!

It's a little weird this year, though, since they are all in their late teens, they are not expecting big baskets like before...NOW, they want bigger things, which of course is impossible, soooo am putting together candy baskets for each one of them and I think they are going to think they are a little lame. I loved Easter when they were little...the easter egg hunts at the park district and then the hiding of the eggs that night and ofcourse, Easter Baskets!! There was always sooo much preparation done the night before with baths, and hair-rollers and getting to bed early so that they wouldn't run into the Easter Bunny! Now, it is just Different...my kids are growing up...but I am still going to create delicious Easter Baskets (I think it is more for me than them, but oh well).

Being a Mom/Domestic Goddess/Can I borrow $20.00/Alarm Clock/Overseer of ALL Laundry can be a little lonely at times...but I do have my memories of when my three were little...oh What Memories They Are!! Those I will cherish!!

With that..Happy Easter and God Bless,