20 March 2008


Hi All,

Bought this fabric of Owls, "On a Whim" designed by Amy Schimle for Robert Kaufman, is it too Cute or What?

Now what do I make with it is the Question? I just LOVE this fabric!!!! Have been racking my brain with what to do with it! I can see using it in a block, but can't seem to figure out what block I want to use?!?!!?

Just signed up for a Spring Swap through Pat Sloan's Yahoo Group! Am excited on seeing who I get and what their colors and favorite things are so I can start planning...

I have so much sewing to do and am hoping this weekend (even though it is Easter) I will get something accomplished...Fri night and Sat afternoon, so far, look good, so am keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh and what about this weather? Here in the great state of Illinois, we have a winter storm watch out for this evening, isn't that Great! Expecting 1-6 inches of the white stuff, so instead of Easter Shoes it will be Easter Boots to wear! Maybe weatherman is wrong, because it is sunny and 50 degrees right now!

This morning I took a picture of a bird (actually there are two, but only one showed up) on my deck. Every spring these two birds have been coming since 1997, isn't that weird. They make the most lovely sound, kinda like an owl. I don't know what kind of bird they are, but I like to think of them as doves(you know Love Birds). The other day I left bread out for them, but Oreo, my courageous (not) lab, found the bread on the deck and well, he consumed whatever I put out there! So will try again today. Anyway, these two birds show up in Spring and last all the way through Fall, wish I knew what kind they were, but I did get a pic of one of them this morning.

Also took a picture of THE mosting amazing sight...smoke coming off my deck this morning. Yes, I was doing laundry and the dryer was on, so that was the reason behind the smoke, but thought it looked to cool to pass up the opportunity to take a picture! Now all my neighbors know that I, domestic goddess that I am, was doing laundry this a.m. YEAH!!!!

I do have another goddess in training (my 15 yr old) who came home from the mall last weekend with this lovely tiara on her head. They were giving them out free at the mall and well, you guessed it, had to grab camera and take a pic of her!

You might as well know, I am also obsessed with taking pictures! Now that I have gone digital and all!!

Well, that's it and if anyone of you gals have any ideas for that Owl Fabric, leave me a comment, I might just have a little give away for ya!!!