10 February 2008


Hello friends,

It is Sunday and below zero in Illinois! Brrrr.... Woke up this morning and temp was -3 degrees (not including wind-chill) ! Monday, weather is calling for 2-3 in of more snow! Okay, Winter is beginning to get a little "old" now. Keep thinking every cold day is one more day closer to spring/summer - YEAH! Even, Oreo, my black lab doesn't want to go out -too cold for his paws.

So what am I working on, you ask? Well, it seems everyday I keep adding more and more projects to my UFO list(s). I keep seeing more and more adorable projects that I want to start, but I HAVE TO FINISH what I am currently working on. Which is? Bloomin' Rose Blocks, Leanne's House, Mini Blocks 1-3 and then 2-3 stitcheries I have started!! When am I going to find the time to do this? Maybe I could stretch the time during the day to be a little longer...if I find a way, I will let you know my secret:) Actually, nights are a great time for stitchery while watching TV and mornings are another great time (before everyone gets up) to work at my sewing machine - love that sweet sound of a humming sewing machine! Sooo much to do!

Just finished a really great book, too! "Choosen by a Horse" by Susan Richards - what a great read, especially if you love horses. Speaking of horses, rode "Americana" yesterday. She is half quarter horse, half thoroughbred, Chestnut and WOW can she move! "Americana" had me Cantoring yesterday, OH WHAT FUN! I love to ride her with an English Saddle, she is young and loves to fly me around her indoor riding ring. Her gallop is a little bouncy, but am learning how to direct her using my legs with pressure. I can't even wear my spurs on her, because she just needs a vocal command and off we go! What a pleasure to ride her, she is such a Gentle Giant of a Horse and so, so Beautiful. I feel so privileged to be sitting on her with her mane flying free! A Sweet Piece of Heaven, that is what I whisper in her ear (I think she really likes that name because she nuzzles her large nose into my shoulder) whenever I say that to her. Carrots help to!!

Better get back to sewing, oh and Laundry too!

"too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." --Leo Buscaglia