17 February 2008


Yes, it is true, I definitely have Cabin Fever Insanity...One of the groups I belong to is Pat Sloan Quilt Group on Yahoo and Pat has challenged us to make a log cabin throw or table runner to "bust out" of the cabin fever insanity....HOWEVER, can I add one more project to my many lists of things to get finished??????!!!!?!?

This week I did a lot of straightening and cleaning my sewing room...found underneath the rubble even MORE projects that have been started by me and then left uncompleted, YIKES!!! Didn't know I had so many and even forgot about others!!! HOW can this happen???!!?!!?!? Easy, I have determined I LOVE TO START new projects but HATE to finish!! OK so now I have to find a way to FINISH!!!?!?!? So....this is what I plan to do. MAKE A LIST of the most pressing projects I want to finish. First on the list is a quilt I made for my Mom, using only the material from her sister's (who is deceased) clothing. My Aunt, (Mom's sister) was an ardent sewer, who loved to create clothes without patterns. She was the kind of sewer who could just look at an outfit or dress and then go home and replicate it!! She was amazing! So, when she died, I asked her daughter (my cousin) if I could have some of her outfits that she designed and I would use them in a quilt for my Mom. My Mom only had one sister, one sibling that is, so I know she will really love this quilt, as it is part of my Aunt (at least the creative side). The quilt is pieced, quilted and now all I have to do is the binding, so will complete that this weekend.

Next on my list is to keep up with "Leanne's House"...then a quilt I made for my youngest, which is pieced and quilted but needs prairie points added as border and then to add binding! After that, I will move on to a project I started 5-6 yrs ago from Country Threads. It was a BOM which has a garden theme.

The problem lies with the fact that I REALLY WANT TO START THIS LOG CABIN QUILT, I eyed by Pat Sloan called "Sweet Stripes" in the Feb 03' American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine (I will take a pic and post) - this would make such a great quilt for a soldier, I think! And I think could be put together fast using red/white theme! OH, HERE I GO AGAIN!!
I also, want to start the Wedding Quilt blocks, that I just love in another on-line quilt group!
Maybe, I should have renamed this entry instead of "Cabin Fever Insanity", "The Trials and Frustrations of a Quilter"! I think that would have more suitable for me!

Also, keeping you posted on my horseback riding adventures... am posting a picture of "Americana", who took me for another spirited ride for an hour on Saturday. Remember she is half/thoroughbred, half/quarter horse! We trotted, galloped and cantered, English style, fun, fun, fun!!

Quote for the day..."Creativity is really the structuring of magic" by Anne Kent Rush
"The imagination needs moodling, --long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering" by Brenda Ueland.

OH, CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE, REALLY COOL! http://www.thepioneerwoman.com
(Too cute!!)

Stay warm, safe and happy,