04 February 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Morning and Happy Monday,

Yesterday, during Super Bowl, worked on Mini Blocks 2 and 3 of "Leanne's House". Just did a lot of cutting and today will sew them together. Love how these colors are coming together. Can't wait till I start the stitchery part!!!

Did not watch Super Bowl, except kept peeking in to see commercials!! My favorite was the Draft Horse and the Dog - I always pick the "warm your heart" commercials! Anyway, did enjoy the different commercials.

Got hit with another snow storm last night...took a picture this morning. My deck is slowly disappearing under all this snow! Great weather for all the snowboarders though!

Thought for the day: "Rarely do climbers stare up to see how far away the top still is. Instead, when they rest, the look down toward the starting point of their journey. The view they see assures them that they have already come a long, long way. Today, I will remember to face my climb with optimism". -quoted from a book called "Easy Does It".

Have a Great Day!