07 October 2014

It's Tuesday....

Hi Everyone, It's a cold, windy Tuesday here in Illinois. Last night I worked on the Quilt that is in my header. Seriously, I think I have been working on these blocks hand appliquing for at least 3 years, and as I was working on it last night I though, I bet you ladies would have finished this project in a month! So many starts and stops, life gets in the way you know? Then there is always, always another project that takes me away from the one that I should be finishing! How do you stay on task? Also, the colors are starting to change here like everywhere else and I just love to take walks to check out all the colors. No matter how I try to match colors, God always gets them Perfect! I look at the reds and oranges in Trees and I think, Wow I will never get that exact color. Do any of you feel like that?? Well, hopefully by the end of week I will be reporting that I have finished the last block I am working on, then on to finishing! Will keep you posted, I hope all of you have a Great Week, Lots of Hugs, Mary

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