08 April 2014


Hello everyone, w Yes, I have been away from my blog... I miss all of you and I miss sewing sooo much. My 90 year old Mom, fell in the beginning of January, and had to be rushed into surgery. She fractured the 4 discs in her neck and fractured her wrist....therefore, I have been taking care of Mom, but the good news is that she is getting better....slowly....but making progress. She can now use her right hand and is home....so please keep my Mom in your prayers...I would so appreciate it!! Hoping to get back to finishing my header block quilt....have 3 squares done, 1 to go....YEAH!! :) But I do visit everyone on my fav's to see what you are up to.....my sewing room is starting to get cob webs! :( Much Love to All, Mary


  1. Ouch! Can't be fun for Mama to be recuperating from all that.

    I hope you can stitch those blocks soon. Love what I see.

  2. Have 3 blocks done, 1 more to go, Thanks Karen, Hugs, Mary