19 June 2013


Just thinking here, yes thinking :)Was listening to the morning show here and laughed out loud, it was about a young "millenium" lady, "20 something yr old" that has written a book, and she said that some, not all, "20+ yr olds" think they are THE "special unique snowflake" and once out of college and in the work world, they find out that they are Not.....what a shock it is to find out that they are Not That Special Snowflake and I thought of some 20 yr olds (not naming names here) that do think that way and was laughing so hard I nearly spit out my Tea! :)  Oh...we all raise our kids to think they are that one special unique snowflake...I am guilty of that times ten, but, well, we love them so much that they are special and unique to us, but in the "Big World" it is soooo different....that is why there is "home"....."Home is where we come when we Fall and we All Fall"....  yep, Home :)
Happy Wednesday everyone!!
Mary :)