19 June 2013

Herniated Disk - YUCK

Yep, have a Herniated Disk L5 SI, isn't that fun????   How did I do this to myself, haven't a clue????   Old Age- I'm only 54 and really that is the new 34 right? At least that is what everyone is telling me.....but I'm not buying it!  No instead going through Physical Therapy (for the second time), yes this happened originally 2 years ago, no surgery just therapy and could not for the life of me remember doing anything to harm my back, after all I have been doing this:
Well.....this actually is not ME but I have been participating in Pilates for 5 years now and before that, it was "The Step" aerobic exercises, oh and this too:
This IS me but haven't riden in 2 years!  :(
And some more pics of what "might" have caused back issues:
Well, I don't know so now am waiting for my appt at physical therapist....what trouble can I get into now????-----