03 May 2010


Youngest went to Prom last Friday...her bestfriend's brother needed a date soooo of course she said yes! This weekend she is going to her boyfriend's prom who she met after the first boy asked her, confused?? I am, but here she is...

And now this weekend will be another one - but this new boyfriend is really nice and we like him alot - so that is what I have been up to!

Oh, and last weekend oldest daughter moved into her first one bedroom apartment - so we had one prom on Fri and move in on Sat and Sunday - WOW what a weekend!!!!! I am totally drained today. Had a small meltdown Saturday at her apartment, but shook it off and began cleaning and cleaning and then more cleaning, but she is in!

My son comes home next week from college so the house won't feel sooooo empty - but I will miss my oldest tremendously, but you got to let them fly - at least that is what everyone says. I just wish it was easier..it is so weird the things you think of as I said goodbye to her over the weekend, like the first time she took a bus to school in first grade with her Barney backpack and now...she is all grown up and on her own. WOW - time really flies when you have kids. One minute they are holding your hand and the next they are waving goodbye, where did all those years go to?

Cooper News - he is getting better with each week - he wants to run and jump and run some more but am keeping a very long leash on him so...I wish these weeks would go faster for him - June 1st is when he will be up and running, so to say! He is watching me right now type this so had to take a pic of him... he is waving to all of you and thank you for all the good wishes you have all sent!!

Well, better run - youngest has a dress fitting!!

Lots of Hugs,



  1. Your daughter is beautiful!
    I know what you mean about kids growing too fast. Mine are 7 and 3,so very young still, but it seems like yesterday they were born. I'm a wreck with every new thing they do. I wish I could make them stay little longer! *Sniff*

  2. Your youngest looks beautiful and I can tell you from personal experience, you miss them terribly when they move away, until they come back home!

    have a great time with your son and pleased to see Cooper is doing ok. Give him a big hug for me.

  3. Pretty dress!!! Cooper looks so cute, too.

  4. I feel for you! I only have one daugther, but I miss her being young and I wonder what happened between 12 and 33...it's just not fair!

    I hope Cooper will be back to his old self (I hope that's a good thing) real soon and continued best wishes for a speedy recovery (woof!)

  5. I'm so sorry, I meant to tell you that I think your daughter is a very pretty young lady! She looks so lovely in those photos.

  6. Я очень рада за вашего Купера!Выздоравливайте быстрее и не болейте больше.