07 December 2009



This weekend was pretty full...We had a Blackhawks' Game to go to Friday night. We sit in the 3rd Balcony and got some cool pictures of the United Center in Chicago and all the fans. Hubby and our 2 daughters and their boyfriends came along, so you know I just had to take pictures of them!

Saturday did a little sewing on my Missouri Daisys and made two snowmen pillows, aren't they cute!! I just love snowmen!

Sunday was putting up Christmas around the house, so up went our tree, lights, wreaths, well, you get the picture. We didn't put the ornaments on, because our Son is still at college (will be home this weekend), so the girls wanted to wait for him to decorate (I swear, sometimes I wonder how old my young adults are???) but its Tradition to decorate the Tree with ALL of them home, so will wait for weekend!

Then hubby and I went to
Lifetime Fitness where I bicycled 11 miles - OUCH!!! Lately we try and workout together on Sundays and it is really fun, but I think I overdid it!!

Then came home and did more sewing (Miss. Daisys) and my sister gave me some really cute red/white material from IKEA that she wants a valance made for her livingroom, so was cutting those ou
t yesterday!

Oh, and almost forgot, hub
by took some pics of Cooper and me in the morning, so thought you might enjoy these!! I like the one with the ball in his mouth! Cooper thinks he is a Lap Dog (told you he has issues)!!??!?!?!


Happy Monday,


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