06 April 2009


Friday Night, Hubby got tickets for the Blackhawks Hockey Game right on the ice! That was what he wanted for his Birthday, so just the two of us went and it was....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sat First Row right next to the Boards. Now I know what your thinking...but for a "retired" Hockey Mom, it was really exciting...here are a few pictures.

The first is my glass of wine sitting on the ledge and just look how close we were to the ice!!! How cool is that? And then, the Blackhawks came out to practice and WOW... Then I remembered, I had to shut off my light on camera (thank you young girl who told me and did that for me, I don't know how to work it yet)... SO, pictures get a little better:

Can you believe it, that's the Goalie (I wish he would have turned around), but got a shot of his name on jersey - that's how close we were!! Yep, the next one is Assistant Captain, Patrick Sharp (my oldest is in love with him), so tried to get an up close one of him for her....Why don't they just look at me....can't they see I trying to get their pictures????!?!?!? Oh, right, they are practicing, DUH!!

Then game started and 'BAM' ri
ght in front of us, I swear I thought they were going to come through that plexiglass and how fast that puck goes, totally awesome!!!Hockey 1

Then to put the icing on the cake, as they say, WE
WON!!!!!!! Here they are congratulating the goalie and then they raise their sticks to tell us thank you for watching.

The Captan, Jonathan Toews, is on at the end t
alking about game highlights!!!

We had a blast and it brought back soooooo many memor
ies of my then, little guy, Mike who was 4 yrs old when he started playing hockey (now he is 19-going on 20 yrs old). Mike is in college and doesn't play anymore, but those years that he did, we some of the best years of my life, I just LOVED watching my "little guy" out on that ice!!

That was Friday and then on Saturday, I took my nephew (who is about 25 yrs old) horsebackriding for the 1st time, he has been talking about it for so long, so I called the barn where I ride and got him on a horse. He rode" buddy " and I rode, "cloud", white-painted palaminos. They were sooo beautiful! My nephew rode Western and I ride English, so we had a great time in our hour ride. Here are some pics of him and I (now remember my flash was off, due to game, so pictures are kind of blurry)... I am trying to tilt myself to get closer to my nephew that is why I look a little "off" on my horse, and then the best part...you guessed it feeding the horses, What a Weekend!!

Hope everyone in blogland had a great one too!!


Horseback Riding