06 April 2009

FRIDAY GIVE AWAY WINNER IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First I want to thank all you lovely bloggers who played with me over the weekend and left comments regarding my give away!!!!

After reading all the comments, each one of you, really, inspires me! I thank you for that. Hearing about what you are currently working on and to hear a lot of you quilt for charities, was very touching and heartwarming! Quilters are the BEST in my book!! Even though, I have never met any of you, I feel like I know you each a little better by your comments and your blogs and your beautiful projects you are working on...with that said,

Cooper totally, 100% picked out the name. How, you ask? Well, I typed up each name, cut your names out, placed them in a jar, shook it several times then dumped all the names on a piece of "easter looking" fabric, and then I thought, how am I going to get him to paw or sniff one of the names, so....after much thought (see I have way too much time on my hands), I placed his favorite bone in the center and he literally picked up a name with his mouth and took off! So after bribing him with a treat, I got the piece of paper out of his mouth, so to make a long store short:


Congratulations, Michele!!!! Just send me your address to my email (coolmommary@fastmail.fm) and your fabric and goodies will be shipped out tomorrow!!!! This is what Michele wrote in my blog: "I am working on a baby quilt for my grandson, Evan, who recently moved away with his parents to the other side of the country. I quilt to relax, and this time, to find peace of mind, the process is calming and I will have a product at the end that I can gift him with."

How beautiful Michele...see Cooper knew you were missing your grandson, Evan! I know he will just love the quilt you are making for him!!!

Thank you for playing everyone, this was a lot of fun....I will have to think up of another one soon!!!!!

Big Hug