01 June 2008

Sunday, June 1st!

They say a picture can say a thousand words, well...look at this picture and it surely does! Yep those are my "young adults?!?!?!? and teen" playing with Cooper!! They were all jumping around like a bunch of first graders! Oh, Happy Times!! And that's my oldest playing with the puppy, Cooper!! This is why we can't seem to get anything done now adays!!

OK so back to these "darn" Missouri Stars, am posting one pic of two blocks that I am working on...can you see the right square is a "little too high", I measured then re-measured, recut and have come to the conclusion that the magazine's dimensions are off! Now am measuring my own sizes of triangles and squares for block! Never done this before, so this should be exciting! Haven't pressed it yet, so might be able to "smudge" these "___" triangles and squares together. I really wish there was a paper-pieced version. That would make this project sooooo much easier! I think this quilt will have a lot of little "issues" with construction, but I just love how the stars are coming together (without the triangles and squares, ofcourse), so will keep plodding along, as they say...

Thanks for all who comment on my progress, this one is a doosey!!

Happy Sewing Hugs,


This really is a sewing blog not a Dog blog, but Cooper is just too darn cute, that I have to share!!