31 March 2008


WOW, I just love blogging! I asked a question about these two birds that come every spring and sit on my deck railing or outside my bedroom window, but did not know what kind of bird they were, then Leesha and Jeanne answered me with their names, "MOURNING DOVES"!

They like seeds and on my deck I have two large planters where I plant my flowers in...in fall, I remove all the dead plants, but these two must have found out that there are seeds in there! How Cool is That??? Why do I see them in Spring, because they migrate from late March to May and then they stay for the summer! Now I would have never have know what they were if it weren't for this blog, so THANK YOU, Leesha and Jeanne!!!

I love all animals, but these Doves make the most beautiful sound, even my Lab, OREO, lays by the window when they are "singing"!!

Will post later what I accomplished yesterday in my sewing room...maybe I could sketch a Mourning Dove for a Quilt, now there's an idea!!

Oh, their names? Almost forgot...definately ...drumroll now......for the male, BLACKHAWK and for the female, CORNSTALK, because after all Mourning Doves are named for the Native Americans (although Fred and Wilma were a close second) he-he!!

Hugs to all,